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Birding Club

Birding ClubThis club offers the opportunity for nature-lovers and birdwatching enthusiasts to indulge in the beauty of our avian friends.  Under the guidance of our fearless leader and biology professor Jim Mountjoy, we adventure through Green Oaks identifying and appreciating different species of birds.  Birders of all levels are welcome.  We only ask that you bring a positive attitude and a pair of binoculars

Unlike an ornithology class, this club is offered to all students and has no academic basis, offering everyone with even the slightest interest in the natural world a better understanding of birds.  In addition, this club offers a chance for biology students to appreciate what they learn about everyday outide of a classroom.  We believe that these experiences offer a relief from the stresses of academia.

Found below are links detailing the birds spotted during our birdwatching sessions.