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Anthropology and Sociology Club

Anthropology and Sociology ClubAnthropology and sociology, the combined study of both non-literate cultures and the social processes of complex, industrial cultures, is not only a major and a minor at Knox, but also a club that you can join regardless of what you already know about the disciplines.

The Anthropology and Sociology Club (often referred as AnSo Club) is dedicated to opening the world of "AnSo" to our entire Knox community to better understand and appreciate the diversity of people in the world.


  • Fostering a feeling of the unity and integrity of the human race
  • Exploring questions of seemingly normal/common societal processes
  • Discussing the effects of the changing world, environment, and the people who exist within it

Past events

  • Hosting an evening with folk singer Charlie King on the Knox campus
  • Sponsoring movie nights such as the documentary on Wal-Mart titled The High Cost of Low Prices
  • Presentations by internationally acclaimed speakers such as Derrick Jensen
  • Co-hosting Earth Week with KARES

With the AnSo Club, you can explore questions of culture in your world or one you've never experienced. Discussion and critical thinking are key, and everyone is welcome to attend meetings.