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Amnesty International

Amnesty InternationalRooted in the concept of solidarity, Amnesty International represents and upholds ideals of equality and human dignity in conjunction with the global movement for human rights.

Amnesty International promotes freedom, justice, and equality for all people and opposes torture, oppression, and discrimination.

The group hopes to succeed in working for pardons for politcal prisoners.

Past events

  • Genocide Awareness Month
  • Documentary showings, such as Darfur Now, which helped raise money for refugees from Darfur
  • Attending the Peoria Area World Affairs Council to learn about intersections between politics and climate change
  • Participating in human rights protests
  • Working with local groups such as Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center

Weekly urgent-action letter-writing is a crucial part of Amnesty International. Members have had chances to meet political prisoners to whom they have written. Most letter-writing by the group is geared toward political prisoners, organizations such as Women of Zimbabwe Arise, and President Barack Obama to show support and concern for unjustly imprisoned people and human rights issues.

Amnesty International on a global scale
Amnesty International is not just a campus group. It is a worldwide effort to sustain solidarity for human rights.

Highlights about the bigger organization to which the Knox chapter contributes include:

  • More than 2.2 million members of Amnesty International all over the world
  • Offices in over 80 countries
  • Campaigining efforts since 1961
  • Campaigns such as Stop Violence Against Women, Control Arms, and Stop the Torture Trade

Amnesty International has weekly meetings in the Human Rights Center. Everyone is welcome.