Student Life

Knox is more than a school — it's your community, your home. Here you'll fuse imagination with initiative. You'll blend thought with action. You'll engage.

Clubs & Organizations

We have more than 100 student clubs and organizations. Some focus on academic disciplines, others on identity, culture, religion, or politics, and still others provide an outlet for creative or athletic energy. All of them are student-driven, as students create and run organizations in response to interests and needs.

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Our inclusive, global community — from varying cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds — creates an environment of diverse thoughts, experiences, and perspectives in our classrooms and beyond. More than 10% of our students are from outside the United States, representing 51 countries. Our U.S. students come from 48 states and territories, and 26% are students of color.

Cultural Centers

Knox is home to four cultural centers that promote cultural awareness and are open to all members of the Knox community.

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Living at Knox

Everything from student activities to housing arrangements is designed to foster and support the intimacy and diversity you’ll find in our community. Our great sense of community also makes for endless opportunities for conversation, debate, and round-the-clock learning and discovery. No matter what your interests, you’ll make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun. Most of all, you’ll feel like you belong.

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