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We Are Knox...

Ashley Wolfgang


Rosemount, Minnesota

English Literature Major, Journalism and French Minors

What activities do you participate in on campus?

I'm an editor-in-chief for Folio, PR head for Cellar Door, treasurer for French Club, and a DJ for [the student radio station] WVKC.

Why did you choose Knox?
I first heard about Knox through a friend I volunteered with back home. She was a year above me, and we would always share our college processes with each other. When it was time to start making my decision, I visited Knox and immediately fell in love with the strong sense of community among the entire Knox population.

Any advice for high school students on their college search?

I would definitely tell them to choose a school that offers many different academic opportunities. Upon starting at Knox, I was convinced I was going to study languages and international relations. After taking one literature course, my love for analytical reading was rekindled, and I immediately changed my path. If Knox didn't have such amazing opportunities in all the departments, I don't think I would've had that option. Apart from that, I would definitely say to visit all the colleges in person. There is nothing more important than first-hand experience.

Tell us about a memorable class, experience, professor, or assignment and what you learned from it.
I really hate choosing favorites, but if I had to say one it would be Graphic Design I with Christie Cirone. Even though it's completely out of my element, it was extremely fun and interesting to learn how to create all the logos and designs I see everyday while searching the web.

What's been your hardest class?
My hardest class has definitely been Astronomy. Because I had always had a love for planets and constellations, it was a dream come true that the course completed the math and science foundation requirements. However, I soon learned that it completed both of those for a reason. It was very math and physics intensive, two things that, as an English major, just are not my forte! However, the course offered a great challenge for me and taught me to be extremely persistent, which I can now bring to my other academic focuses.

What campus jobs have you had while at Knox?
I've been a Knox Ambassador for the Admission office since last year. I love being able to directly help prospective students with their college selection process, and to teach them about all the awesome and unique things Knox has to offer.

Describe any research you have undertaken. What inspired you to pursue it, and what did you learn?
Last year, I had an independent study on dystopian fiction. I had always had an interest in the genre growing up, and I was interested in focusing on how the ideas have progressed throughout the years. I read a range of works starting with classics such as Plato's Republic, Brave New World, and Nineteen Eighty-Four, and concluded with more modern works such as The Handmaid's Tale, Never Let Me Go, V for Vendetta, and The Hunger Games. Conducting this independent study has probably been one of the most entertaining and rewarding experiences I've had at Knox thus far. I had to create the syllabus and assignments completely on my own, but I was able to read and focus on the subjects and ideas I cared about.

(Below: Ashley interned at Clear Channel Communications in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she wrote for the online news blogs for four stations and covered breaking entertainment news. Read more about her Clear Channel internship.)

Ashley Wolfgang interned at Clear Channel Communications in Minneapolis, Minnesota