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We Are Knox...

Jonathan Vardon


Accra, Ghana

Studio Art Major, Music Minor

Why did you choose Knox?
I chose Knox because it was small. I thrive in more personal environments, and I’d always rather have a few best friends than a whole heap of plain old acquaintances. I’ve interacted with so many people from different circles on campus that I feel like I can sit with almost anyone when I walk into the café.

What are your interests and hobbies?
I absolutely LOVE to sing. I apologize to anyone who is between CFA (the Center for Fine Arts) and Seymour Union after my voice lessons; I won’t stop singing. LOL. Dance is another fun one. I was in Terp and loved all of it -- the auditions, the rehearsals, and the actual show.

How would you describe campus life?
Life on the Knox College campus is so wonderfully relaxed and chill that it gives one the chance to focus on why we’re all really here -- to study.

What activities do you participate in on campus?
I’m a part of the Knox College Choir, which took me to Spain over spring break. The swim team has shown me more of America than anything else because of going to swim meets -- invaluable as an international student. Tau Kappa Epsilon has given me a whole new family that isn’t 7,000 miles away. All of these activities have rendered me friends who I can scream to from the café without thinking about looking weird.

What is your favorite place on campus? Off campus?
Oooooh, my favorite place on campus would have to be Taylor Student Lounge because when I first arrived for international orientation it was the only place I knew that was air conditioned that I might be able to sneak a sleep in. Hehe. My favorite off campus place would have to be Innkeepers for their windows of mouthwatering desserts.

What would surprise your high school friends about you now?
Probably my hair; it’s gone through some changes, not all of them good.

How would you describe academic life?
Academic life, on the other hand, is tough. Plain and simply tough, but in the best way. Professors care and show interest and that, for me, pushes me to not disappoint them. Shout out to Jeremy Day-O’Connell.

Is there a professor that has had a significant impact on your education?
Let me start with another shout out, but this time to Alison Meuth, my voice coach. She’s pushed me to where I never thought I’d be; I sing opera. LOL. I’ve even grown to love my low voice and the arias that go with it. I’m going to be taking lessons for the rest of my life because of her, just because they make me so happy. A voice lesson with Alison always lightens up a crappy day. Oh, and by the way, Jeremy [Day-O'Connell] also [gets credit] in here for teaching me to read and write music. Wasn’t easy, but it happened. Can’t forget Laura Lane, my beloved choir director who encouraged me to keep singing, pursue at least a music minor (she wants me to major), and put me in the choir.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned outside the classroom?
The most important thing I’ve learned outside the classroom would be that sleep is very important. LOL. I had a little breakdown at one point, cried in front of a professor, missed a recital performance, and couldn’t complete a sight singing exercise. I was doing too much and ended up not being able to do everything fully because of it. I’ve learned to not stretch myself too thin over too many activities.