Max Potthoff


Western Springs, Illinois

Environmental Studies and Creative Writing Double Major

Max learned about Knox through the Colleges that Change Lives book.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Definitely the library. It really is cozy and conducive to getting your nose in a book.

How would you describe academic life at Knox?

I think that's one of the most powerful things: academics. What is especially unique is how you can find things that you're interested in that you didn't even know you were interested in.

All of the professors have their own niches and specializations that they are really good at, and they can hang with any other professor in the country. To have a one-on-one interaction with that kind of person is what makes this a great place to learn. Academics is the first and foremost reason I came.

How did you learn about Knox?

I learned about Knox through the Colleges that Change Lives book. Also, my sister attended an institution similar to Knox, so I was already familiar with it. I knew I wanted a liberal arts school in the Midwest, so that narrowed it down. After I visited, I definitely got a positive impression that is still very much valid and real. In that first visit, the professors that I have now and have taken many classes with were the first ones to introduce themselves. I wanted to come here just as much as they wanted me to come here, and that's a great place to be.

What surprised you about Knox?

When Knox says diversity, it's genuinely diverse. It's diverse internationally. It's diverse within the United States. It's diverse within Illinois. There are kids from every single background. That is what surprised me and what I found most rewarding.