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We Are Knox...

Olaloye "Loye" Oyedotun


Lagos, Nigeria

Economics and International Relations Double Major

What about Knox stood out during your college search?
What really stood out to me was the sense of community that had been previously described to me. That was something I felt would be extremely important in any school I would go to. Also, Knox had such a rich history and seemed so interesting that I couldn't help but slowly start to fall in love with the school.

What activities do you participate in on campus?
International Club sophomore-at-large, Badminton Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon vice president, and orientation leader. (see photo below)

What are your interests and hobbies?

I am an avid reader. I also love playing pool as it is something I have really come to enjoy and use as a stress reliever. Another thing I have recently become involved in is volunteering for community service.

Can you tell us more about your community service?
I am a community dog walker as well as being a part of the Day of Service. I, along with my fraternity brothers, raised money for cancer research and for the preservation of the habitat and maintenance of a health care center for an exotic feline sanctuary.

Have you done any off-campus studies?
I worked at Guarantee Trust Bank, Olaloye Oyedotun stands with colleagues at Guarantee Trust Bank in Nigeriaa commercial bank in Nigeria, for a month and studied how the Nigerian banking systems operated, as well as policies that govern financial transactions and security issues in the Nigerian financial world. What inspired me to do it is that my father worked in a bank for 30 years, and I wanted to see what about banking interested him. I learned that the Nigerian banking systems, although getting better, are still grossly inefficient and most people are too content with how it is to fix it. However, the security aspects and policies that dictate how you can open an account and transfer money are getting a lot better. (Photo right: Loye Oyedotun, third from left, stands with his colleagues at Guarantee Trust Bank in Nigeria.)

Which classes have been your favorites?

My favorite class so far has definitely been Latin American Politics which was taught by Karen Kampwirth, who in my opinion is a fantastic professor. She is so passionate about Latin America that she makes you truly enjoy the class. Another of my favorite classes was Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as religions are something I have always been interested in. And last but definitely not least are my private piano lessons. I take those with Mary Harlan, and she brings so much enthusiasm to the table every time we have a class.

Is there a professor that has had a significant impact on your education?
That would once again have to be Karen Kampwirth. It was her fire for Latin American politics that really made me want to be  an international relations major and start to form a clear path toward being a diplomat.

How have you changed since you came here?

I have become so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Knox teaches you to enjoy and cherish your individuality; there is nothing really like that anywhere else I go. I've become so much more intellectual in my debates and the reasons for my stances on a varying range of issues. It has truly broadened my horizons.

(Photo below: Loye Oyedotun, front, served as an orientation leader and helped new students on move-in day.)

Loye Oyedotun helps new students on move-in day