Jamal Nelson '14

Jamal Nelson


Chicago, Illinois

Educational Studies and History Double Major

Jamal is active in Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality, Phi Gamma Delta, and College for Kids.

What have you learned from your campus involvement?

All of the things that I have been able to do here have given me confidence and endurance. I have to be energetic, kind, and strong to be able to continue on with my college education. The clubs and opportunities that I have the ability to be a part of challenge those three requirements for success. It's great to be challenged while also doing what I love to do, so they have influenced me to keep my head up and never be afraid of the challenges that are placed in front of me.

Describe any research you've done.

The main research I have been a part of is the Lincoln Studies Project with the Educational Studies Department. My job is to condense a book of different quotes from the Lincoln-Douglas Debates so that a teacher can teach them in a more systematic way. It's a lot to go through, but the end product is what I am hoping to see flourish soon. Outside of that, I have the opportunity to work with Professor Hord on the second edition of his book.

Jamal Nelson '14 with classmates

How would you describe campus life at Knox?

I have to say that Knox has a great cordial system; people from all places can come and feel welcome wherever they stay on campus. Though sometimes campus can let its collective ego block itself from understanding concepts that aren't as easy to grasp. But that's the thing about campus; we know that we can be ignorant to some aspects of life. Eventually, we will understand by way of hanging with those who we don't quite know. We are a group of learners; every day we learn, and we learn from every person.

What surprised you about Knox?

What mainly surprises me about Knox will always be the freedom to flourish. That is a statement that holds no lies. Most of my friends that are not Knox students feel confined and sometimes limited at what they can do at their colleges. But here I feel that I could do and be whatever I want to be. I am amazed almost every term at how many different opportunities that Knox students have in front of them.