James Fenner '14

James Fenner


East Peoria, Illinois

Economics Major, Business and Environmental Studies Double Minor

James interned at Caterpillar Inc. as part of the Technical Marketing Program with the eBusiness group.

Describe your day-to-day experiences.

My main projects -- developing mobile applications and improving the effectiveness of cat.com -- occupied the majority of my time. However, the internship program and my work group afforded me the opportunity to continue learning, meet new people, and visit many of the Caterpillar facilities in the Peoria area. I toured Caterpillar’s foundry and several of the metallurgical labs, and had informational interviews across a variety of divisions.

Did your Knox experience help you during the internship?

My entire Knox education has greatly advanced my ability to logically work through unfamiliar situations and learn very quickly. My Caterpillar internship required both traits, and due to my combined experiences at Knox I was able to provide value on multiple projects.

How do you think this experience will benefit you in terms of your classes and future plans?

Caterpillar brand training and daily interactions with a global company’s business strategies will have immediate relevance in my business classes. Leading weekly meetings and making multiple presentations improved my public speaking and organizational skills.

What was the best part of the internship?

I created and led a book club with some of the other technical marketing interns, and I was able to arrange discussion with top Caterpillar executives. Most notably, we had lunch with former CEO Jim Owens and current Vice President Greg Folley and heard about their experiences and thoughts on the book. Though I enjoyed the entire internship, the opportunity to meet these leaders was incredibly valuable and a huge highlight.