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Carol Scotton, associate professor of economics and business & management

We Are Knox...

Carol Scotton

Associate Professor of Economics and Business and Management

At Knox Since: 2005

"What's it worth?"

That question summarizes Carol Scotton's research interests. The worth or
value she is interested in is not finding the price, but the value that people
place on a good (or avoiding a bad). Her current investigation is on the value people place on reducing their risk of death from natural or man-made disasters. She teaches principles of economics, labor economics, the economics of public health, management principles, and cost benefit analysis. She earned her Ph.D. in economics from Georgia State University, her master's in adult education program management from Georgia State University, and her bachelor's in philosophy from the University to Tennessee, Chattanooga.

Why Knox?
Knox has all the attributes I sought and even more I have come to appreciate and enjoy: a community of learners who know how to have fun and are serious about participating in creating a world we can live in; history and camaraderie; the library; The students, staff and faculty; The campus in springtime; and much more.

What is your most memorable moment at Knox?
One of them certainly is my first graduation and Stephen Colbert's talk, especially saying ‘yes' and how that enables improv to work.

Describe your current research/creative work. What is most interesting about this work?
I'm interested in how we value things -- from reducing the risks from pollution or floods to maintaining our infrastructure and educating ourselves and our posterity -- and how these values are shaped so that we can put these values in terms to help us decide where to put our efforts.

If you weren't a professor, you would be . . . ?
Raising chickens, llamas, and goats. (I might do that anyway.) Or maybe running an old-fashioned diner.

What is your favorite thing about Galesburg?
The community and the people who care about making a place like this work. It is delightful to live in a place where you see and know the people involved in the everyday life of the city and county.

What were the last three books you read?
Yonnondio, From the Thirties by Tillie Olsen
Too Close to the Falls, A Memoir
by Catherine Gildiner
Pedagogy of the Heart
by Paulo Freire

What did you do to celebrate receiving tenure?
My husband and I went to dinner at the Palm Café in Canton (Fulton County). I attended a sesshin at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago.

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