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Katherine Adelsberger

Katherine Adelsberger

The Douglas and Maria Bayer Endowed Chair in Earth Science

I think it’s important to get out of the classroom and experience the things we would otherwise only read about.
Caesar Akuetey

Caesar Akuetey

Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures - French

Any young person who wants to study in a small liberal arts college that enables students to acquire meaningful and diverse experiences should not hesitate to choose Knox College.
Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson

Associate Professor of English

Storytelling is what we do -- all day long, for work and play -- and I'd like to know how it works.
Monica Berlin '95

Monica Berlin '95

Associate Professor of English

My writing process ... is a process of living with something in hopes of knowing that something by heart.
Neil Blackadder

Neil Blackadder

Professor of Theatre

Knox has been a really good place for me to expand the range of what I do as a teacher and as a scholar-artist.
David Bunde

David Bunde

Associate Professor Computer Science

I found a 21st-century application for a 19th-century mathematical discovery.
Elizabeth Carlin-Metz

Elizabeth Carlin-Metz

Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts

Knox is a living reflection of the people who live and work here creating community and learning alongside one another.
Diana Cermak

Diana Cermak

Professor of Chemistry

When we finally get the results in the research lab that we have been working to achieve for so long, that is an awesome moment!
Craig Choma '93

Craig Choma '93

Associate Professor of Theatre

All of this work allows me to explore my creativity through a variety of venues and in different ways based on the needs of the experience.
Mary Crawford '89

Mary Crawford '89

Professor of Chemistry

I know that I’m here because someone took an interest in me. So I try to take that same interest in my students.
Jeremy Day-O'Connell

Jeremy Day-O'Connell

Associate Professor of Music

I want to teach somewhere where education is understood not simply as an imparting of knowledge, but as an immersion in a certain approach to the world
Sarah Day-O'Connell

Sarah Day-O'Connell

Associate Professor of Music

Music is not a fixed "thing." It is realized through performance. So every time it comes into existence, it can be new.
Catherine Denial

Catherine Denial

Burkhardt Distinguished Chair in History

Here, I get to be part of a community of learners that's always changing and growing, and that delights me.
Jessie Dixon

Jessie Dixon

Associate Professor and Chair of Modern Languages (Spanish)

Knox students are intense. They're engaged in learning more. They have a true zeal for knowledge.
John Dooley

John Dooley

William and Marilyn Ingersoll Chair in Computer Science

I'm particularly interested in how computers and cryptology came together.
Weihong Du

Weihong Du

Assistant Professor of Asian Studies

The Chinese program here is still just beginning to develop and I am happy to be part of its growth.
Linda Dybas '64

Linda Dybas '64

Watson Bartlett Professor and Chair of Biology

I find it incredibly exciting to work with students at this stage of their education. Their fresh approach is contagious.
Brenda Fineberg

Brenda Fineberg

Professor of Classics

After many years at Knox, I still, every single day, feel fortunate to be able to spend my life teaching and studying the material I love.
Stephen Fineberg

Stephen Fineberg

Szold Distinguished Service Professor of Classics

I am studying the Greek myth of Theseus and Ariadne, and the cultural and socio-political issues that the myth expresses.
Todd Heidt

Todd Heidt

Assistant Professor of German

To be at a small residential college like Knox is a fundamentally different experience. We can do so much more.
Sue Hulett

Sue Hulett

Richard P. and Sophia D. Henke Distinguished Professor

My research looks at the rise of Christian fundamentalism as a political and social movement.
Karen Kampwirth '86

Karen Kampwirth '86

Chair of Latin American Studies

Most of my research has been on grassroots politics and gender politics. Lately I've been doing interviews with activists in the LGBT rights movement in Nicaragua.
Tim Kasser

Tim Kasser

Professor of Psychology

I study the problems associated with materialistic values that favor money, image, and status: these problems include lower happiness, less civility, and more ecological degradation.
Lynette Lombard

Lynette Lombard

Professor of Art

I like the way art can be considered from a variety of cultural, socio-political, ethical, of course visual, and environmental perspectives within a liberal arts curriculum.
Schahrazede Longou

Schahrazede Longou

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures - French

It is so wonderful to see students show interests in learning and speaking a language.
Nicole Whittaker Malley '98

Nicole Whittaker Malley '98

Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Jazz Program

I can't imagine doing anything more fun than this. It shows that it's possible to find a topic that you can fall in love with, and I want my students to see that.
Mat Ryohei Matsuda

Mat Ryohei Matsuda

Associate Professor in Asian Studies (Japanese Studies)

I study how Japan is adapting American ideas into their higher education and liberal arts curriculum.
Frank McAndrew

Frank McAndrew

Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology

Our interest in popular culture is nothing more than an intense interest in the doings of other people.
D. James Mountjoy

D. James Mountjoy

Associate Professor of Biology

The Green Oaks Field Station is a great place for me to do research, as well as an excellent place to go birding and to explore nature.
Daniel Peterson

Daniel Peterson

Assistant Professor of Psychology

I study human memory, so just about everything that I do is related to understanding more about why we remember what we do and why we forget what we do...
Bruce Polay

Bruce Polay

Professor and Chair of Music

Be prepared to do your best and to have an open mind about learning and yourself in today's world.
Brandon Polite '03

Brandon Polite '03

Visiting Professor of Philosophy

I don't think a person can be a philosopher without being a teacher; it is part of what doing philosophy is.
Jonathan Powers

Jonathan Powers

Assistant Professor Economics

It is a lot of fun to be able to teach smart kids in small classes, and there aren't a whole lot of places in the country where a professor gets to do that.
Robin Ragan

Robin Ragan

Associate Professor of Modern Languages

I see young Spanish directors challenging our understanding of who constitutes family and what rules govern intimate relationships.
Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider

Professor of History

Asian culture is an important part of America's history and its future.
Peter Schwartzman

Peter Schwartzman

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

It is slow shift, but sustainability is now a household word. People understand it, and this is a good sign.
Carol Scotton

Carol Scotton

Associate Professor of Economics and Business and Management

I'm interested in how we value things -- from reducing the risks from pollution or floods to maintaining our infrastructure and educating ourselves and our posterity.
Mark Shroyer

Mark Shroyer

Associate Professor of Physics

It's important to me to get to know students and see their development.
Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Associate Professor and Chair of Dance

The Knox College dance program has grown so much within the past few years and is now recruiting students who already have really strong dance skills.
Brent  Solie

Brent  Solie

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

I originally wanted to major in physics, but somewhere along the way I started to enjoy the abstraction of math and abstract algebra.
John Spittell

John Spittell

Professor and Chair, Business and Management

I see my teaching as preparing and enabling students to be successful when they step off the Knox campus.
George Steckley

George Steckley

Robert M. & Katherine Arnold Seeley Distinguished Professor of History

Each year, we join a new class of Knox students in exploring a variety of texts from the past.
Tim Stedman '09

Tim Stedman '09

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art

I think the combination of my professional background, the coursework I’ve taken, and my studio experience puts me in a unique position as a professor.
Richard Stout

Richard Stout

Professor of Economics

As I've grown more confident in my research, I've become a citizen-advocate, not just a spectator.
Lane V. Sunderland

Lane V. Sunderland

Chancie Ferris Booth Professor of Political Science; Pre-Law Advisor

Knox students applying to law school do very well, including admission to a number of 'top ten' law schools.
Jennifer Templeton

Jennifer Templeton

Associate Professor of Biology

I knew I wanted to work at a small, private college that had bright students.
Judith Thorn

Judith Thorn

Associate Professor of Biology

My teaching ranges broadly across the biology spectrum, and my scholarship focuses on cellular communication.
James Thrall

James Thrall

Knight Distinguished Assistant Professor for the Study of Religion & Culture

I study religion primarily as a social phenomenon, especially as communicated through cultural products of literature, film, and other media.
Daniel Wack

Daniel Wack

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Popular culture doesn't just reflect society, it helps us make our experiences intelligible.
Kelton Williams

Kelton Williams

Assistant Professor of Educational Studies

... And it [Knox] certainly met all of the ideals I had set for the kind of place where I wanted to work.
Larry Welch

Larry Welch

Clara A. Abbott Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

I am interested in the most basic question: What is that stuff?