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Robert '56 & Kathy Sparks

We Are Knox...

Robert '56 & Kathy Sparks

Members of the President's Circle Giving Society

Business Administration & Economics Major

The liberal arts should be mandatory for a student out of high school. I can't
think of any place that can prepare someone in his or her early 20s to go out
into the world better than Knox. I was a graduate of Galesburg High School, and
I thought my grades in high school were just fair, but Knox really helped me develop intellectually and personally.

When you're around the College, like Kathy and I are six months out of the year, and you see what the faculty and staff are doing, you're simply compelled to give. The College has an outstanding faculty and an enthusiastic president and staff. By giving to Knox, we give the students who come here access to a full education in the liberal arts, and I strongly believe it's a good place to put our money.

Kathy and I recognize the importance of the Knox Fund because it supports the College day in and day out, but we also give to other College needs. Our real goal now is Alumni Hall. When you look at campus, the first thing you see is Old Main, but the second thing you see is Alumni Hall. I believe there are a lot of strategic things that can go into Alumni Hall, like Admission, and I know that Knox needs a large auditorium to host speakers and events like Opening Convocation. Alumni Hall is a real necessity, and we're very hopeful that it will be completed.

Because of what Knox did for me, Kathy and I are happy to still be a part of the college today.

Robert Sparks graduated with honors in 1956 with a degree in business administration and economics. He has served on the Board of Trustees for more than 25 years, becoming a life trustee in 1998. He and his wife, Kathy, are members of the President's Circle giving society and give to the Knox Fund, capital projects, and scholarship funds.