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Vince Singleton '03

We Are Knox...

Vincent Singleton '03

Director, Film Collective Productions

Instructor, Chicago Filmmakers Co-op

Psychology Major

Vincent Singleton did a lot in four years at Knox College -- majored in
, played three sports, studied abroad, drew cartoons for
the campus newspaper, worked an internship in law enforcement, led a student club, and got his start in filmmaking.

Not long after graduating from Knox in 2003, Singleton found himself in charge of a team of horses, as well as a team of people who'd never ridden horses before, and, because he was making a film, it all had to look real.

Working on his master's degree in cinema at Columbia College in Chicago, Singleton had decided to make a short film about one of the Buffalo Soldiers -- black regiments, primarily Civil War veterans, who fought in the Indian Wars in the American West from the 1860s through the 1880s.

Singleton's film The Forgotten West, a 15-minute drama about a fictional Buffalo Soldier officer, premiered in February 2006 and appeared on television in May 2007 as part of BETJ's Best Shorts Program. Singleton credits his Knox roots as part of his success.

"Knox was where I learned that my passion was filmmaking," he says.

At Knox, Singleton made videos with fellow students John Dick and Joe Mohan. One was an action short; the other was an hour-long documentary on social dynamics, called What We're Not Doing. He also created a documentary on homelessness in Barcelona, Spain, where he studied through Knox's off-campus program.

"The freedom that I felt to explore all of my interests in a supportive environment was crucial to preparing me for the challenges I've faced so far in my filmmaking and other freelance work," Singleton says.Vince Singleton '03 works on a film

The Forgotten West was followed by The Porter, a short film about three generations of families and their attitudes toward the legacy of home ownership. The Porter won the Chase Legacy Film Challenge in July 2009, a national competition for emerging filmmakers and sponsored by, Kodak, and HBO.

Singleton currently lives in Chicago, where he directs films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries through his company, Film Collective Productions.

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