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Mike '58 and Pat Craig Ruffolo '58

We Are Knox...

Mike '58 & Pat Craig Ruffolo '58

Golden Gate Knox Club Volunteers

Business Administration & Economics Double Majors

When we graduated from Knox in June 1958, we were both proud of the liberal
arts education we received and very appreciative of the scholarship assistance
that helped us along the way. It was an automatic decision for us to stay in
contact with Knox and to contribute as we could. Our early monetary contributions were small, but we did give something every year. We increased our giving when possible, and we gave in other ways, too.

Through the years, we've attended every five-year class Reunion and as many Golden Gate Knox Club events as possible, even serving as coordinators of those events in the 1970s and 1980s. Gatherings
were usually at our home, and two fond memories often come to mind when we think about those times. One year, both our children broke out with chicken pox a day or two before the event, so we had to warn everyone as they arrived. The event was still a hit! After a lively gathering another year, our 10-year-old son asked, ‘What is it about Knox people? They don't really know each other, but they all act like old friends or relatives!' He must have liked what he saw, as he graduated from Knox in 1992!

We still help out whenever we can. In March 2008, we hosted a Golden Gate Knox Club event at a winery, and we co-chaired our successful 50th Reunion with Mary Peterson Potter last fall. Most recently, we arranged a tour of the reopened Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park in April.

As we continue to give to Knox, we feel that Knox continues to give back to us. Staying in contact with old friends and making new friends with younger alumni is a great reward. Being graduates of Knox College -- 'a college that changes lives,' as President Taylor says -- has served us well.

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