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David '70 & Judy Waggoner Lambert '71

We Are Knox...

David '70 & Judy W. Lambert '71

Members of the President's Circle Giving Society

Members of the National Alumni Council

Economics Majors

When our daughter Katie decided to attend Knox, it gave us an opportunity to
re-connect with the College and, through her experience, recall many of the
feelings and memories of our Knox years. Professors Pillsbury, Hane, and Haring, among others, have had a lasting impact on our lives, and experiences both inside and outside the classroom awakened in us a general curiosity and love of learning that continues to this day.

Obviously, Katie attended Knox during a very different era than we did, but it was reassuring for us to discover how much the values and the atmosphere of the campus remained the same. Her Knox experience reinforced our belief in the benefits of a small school liberal arts education. We believe that a Knox education, one that includes exposure to a variety of educational disciplines and ideas, makes one a more well-rounded person. We see the results first-hand through Katie and her friends -- these bright, active, young people are taking advantage of their Knox educations and reaping the benefits as they pursue graduate school and careers.

We give to Knox because we want to make sure these opportunities continue. We support Knox through an annual contribution to the Dr. Wilbur Pillsbury Scholarship Fund, in honor of one of the finest men we have ever known, and to the Knox Fund, asking and trusting that Knox will use our gift where it is needed most.

If you feel that your Knox experience was significant in your life, like it was in ours, please help us sustain Knox and its impact on current and future students.

David and Judy both graduated from Knox with degrees in economics, are parents of a Knox graduate (Kathryn '05) and are active alumni volunteers -- Judy volunteers for the Offices of Advancement and Admission, David for Admission and the Bastian Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development. They both serve on the National Alumni Council. Members of the President's Circle since 2000, David and Judy give to the Knox Fund and the Dr. Wilbur Pillsbury Scholarship Fund.