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Michelle Geyer '10

We Are Knox...

Michelle Geyer '10

Senior Challenge Donor

Chemistry Major

My younger brother entered college around the same time I did, so funds were
tight for my family. I remember talking with my mom about Knox and going
over the tuition bill. She said we had enough for two years, but she didn't know
what would happen after that. Thanks to the Reverend Pete Hosutt Scholarship and the Watts Family Scholarship, as well as other financial aid, I was able to complete all four years at Knox.

I truly loved my time at Knox. I was able to experience so many different things, from studying abroad to diving into multiple fields of study. There's a freedom at Knox that allows students to explore, something that many other colleges don't offer. This spring I graduated with a degree in chemistry and minors in environmental studies, anthropology/sociology, and biology. I was able to study abroad in Denmark for two terms, engage in multiple extracurricular activities, and work part-time. With these Knox experiences tucked under my belt, I plan to go to South America this winter to volunteer in a rural medical clinic. In fall 2011, I plan to enter medical school to study osteopathic medicine. My goal is to one day open a free clinic that will meet the needs of a disadvantaged community.

This spring, I had the opportunity to have lunch with two of Reverend Hosutt's friends, Bob Burden '55 and Tony Liberta '55. We talked about my experiences at Knox, their dear friend Pete, and some of the hilarious and rather incriminating stories from their years as Knox students. I also had lunch with the Watts family -- Carroll, Christine '72, and Steve. It was very special to meet and personally thank the people who were willing to make it possible for me to attend college.

This is why I decided to give to the Senior Challenge and why I plan to continue giving in the years to come. With medical school costs, I know I won't be able to contribute a lot, but because someone donated to help me through school, I want to do the same for someone else. I'd like to pay-it-forward. My parents paid a large price for my Knox education, but the value I received was much greater than the amount of money paid. It's important that I help someone else have that same experience.