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Agostino Filippone ‘06

We Are Knox...

Agostino Filippone '06

Claim Examiner, RLI Insurance

Law student, Loyola University, Chicago

Economics Major, Business & Political Science Double Minor

Claim examiner for RLI Insurance by day and part-time Loyola J.D. and M.B.A.
Dual Degree Program student by night, Agostino Filippone is working some
pretty long days. This is nothing new. As a residential advisor for two years at Knox, he knows what it's like to pretty much always be on the clock.

Knox directly contributed to Filippone's current life in other ways. Terrie Saline of the Bastian Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development  was a big help in getting his resume out there. "RLI was looking for some new blood, and my resume eventually ended up with Heather Acerra, VP of human resources at RLI and former director of career services at Knox." The connection certainly got the ball rolling. Filippone later wowed them at his interview and secured a spot with the company.

A few years later he started attending law school at Loyola University. Now done with his first year of law and newly admitted into their dual degree program, he has honed an interest in insurance, contract, and personal injury law. "First-year law is pretty tough. They tell you that from the beginning. Knox prepared me to meet the challenges I face in law school by always having challenged me academically and socially as an undergrad."

When asked to think back to some of his favorite aspects about Knox, Filippone is quick to respond: the small class size, individual focus, and open curriculum come to mind as a quick top three. Something else that stands close to his heart is the grill club, Sunny and Char -- a club he helped create while at Knox with Kenji Mori '07, "We decided what Knox really needed was a club to just relax, BBQ, hang out." Filippone and Mori petitioned for the club and secured funds from the student senate to hold BBQs full of tasty food and focused on upping the sense of camaraderie on campus. By the end of their first year, Sunny and Char had even collaborated with Union Board for a huge end of the year BBQ.

Another favorite memory is about one of his last days at Knox. He went to Sully's with economics professor Jonathan Powers and another student. "The waitress told us they had all-you-can-eat wings. I looked over at Powers and David and said, 'I can eat more wings than you guys can.'"  Filippone walked away unfazed having devoured 50+ wings. "It's the only time I ever got the better of Powers."

For Filippone, the small stuff all contributed to the big lessons he walked away from Knox with: "Be curious. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow -- embrace those opportunities fully. Appreciate good people."