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Ann Feldman Perille '76

We Are Knox...

Ann Feldman Perille '76

Elementary School Teacher

Colorado Knox Club Leader

Education Major

Ann Feldman Perille '76 has never looked down at her shoes when
someone asked her where she went to college. She didn't have to.

That's because Perille's devotion to her alma mater always has been on proud display -- from the Knox T-shirts she dressed her young daughters in to her constant and ongoing efforts to bring Knox alumni together in her home state of Colorado and beyond.

As an undergrad who chose Knox because of the personal attention she experienced from admissions representatives and faculty, Perille never forgot the connections she made at Knox. She met her husband, Tom Perille '76, at Knox and now counts among her Knox connections hundreds of students, faculty, staff members, and families spanning six or more decades.

"If you feel good about your school, you are going to contribute in one way or another," Perille says.

As head of Colorado Knox Club since 1990, she's made it a regular occurrence for Knox College alumni to get a shout-out on the Jumbotron at Colorado Rockies games. She's pulled together alumni, parents, and friends to get their hands dirty with community service projects in the Denver area; to get dressed up for cultural events in the city; and to meet each year for an annual new-student send-off picnic that is so popular it draws special guests from Galesburg, in addition to the many Colorado attendees.

Her efforts have made the Colorado Knox Club an extremely popular alumni group -- so much so that attendees now have punch cards, hand-crafted by Perille, to keep track of their involvement.

"When alumni feel good, it helps to foster positive thoughts about the College," Perille says. "I just love doing it. I get so much back when I see people meeting each other and having a good time."

Even when she's not organizing or attending alumni events, Perille still is promoting the College -- and running into people with Knox connections all over the globe, whether that's because she was wearing a Knox sweatshirt at a London art museum or driving through New Mexico with a Knox bumper sticker on her car.

"You run into Knox people where you least expect," Perille says.