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Chuck '52 and Priscilla Porter

We Are Knox...

Chuck Porter '52

Lead Donor of the Porter Wrestling Complex

President, Retired, Dominguez Water Corporation

Business Major

Charles W. Porter '52 and his wife, Priscilla, returned to Knox in spring 2005
and left a lasting legacy on campus -- the Charles and Priscilla Porter
Wrestling Complex. They did likewise at California State University, where Priscilla is professor emeritus, by establishing the Priscilla and Charles Porter Social Science Resource Room.

In Chuck's own words, why they give to Knox and other institutions.

"Priscilla and I have reached a point in life where we want to give back to programs and institutions that have shaped our lives. Our strategy is to maximize our resources by targeting funds into niches that had not been fully attended to previously. For Priscilla, that meant funding a Priscilla and Charles Porter Social Science Resource Room at the California State University-San Bernardino, Palm Desert campus.

"For me, in addition to benefiting Knox, my passion continues to be valuing physical conditioning that builds sturdy bodies and minds. When I heard President Roger Taylor describe the new fitness center being built on the campus, I saw the way to close a financing gap for that project and enhance my passion for wrestling at the same time.

"You see, Jack Ingersoll '51, Jim Duffy '51, Don Schultz '50, and I started the wrestling team at Knox in 1949. Wrestling provides a sport for men from 123 pounds to heavyweights. The light weight team members (and ladies, as in the case of recent teams at Knox) do not have the size to qualify for other sports. Wrestling allows them to be a "star." Priscilla and I divided our gift to help make the fitness center a reality (a real must in today's competitive College market) and enhance the wrestling facilities with a new workout area, new equipment, mats, and even a wrestling dummy. The College worked to raise from other wrestlers an amount equal to the wrestling portion of our gift through the Porter Challenge, creating the Charles and Priscilla Porter Wrestling Complex. We hope both new facilities will serve Knox's athletic programs and the entire student body well into the future."

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