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Judy Middleton Anderson '75

We Are Knox...

Judy Middleton Anderson '75

Co-Founder of the Gary L. and Judy Middleton Anderson Scholarship


Spanish and German Major

Next to coming to Knox, having the opportunity to live and study in Barcelona
for a year was probably the best decision I made during that time in my life. I believe that living in another country is the best way to know your own country. Your own country is like water to a fish. It's there, but you don't really see it. While Spain is not that radically different from the U.S., living there opened my eyes to the way the world works, how people are different, and what the limitations and special things are about the place I'm from.

Living in Barcelona was also a great growing experience and did a lot for my self-confidence. I remember thinking as I was making the transition of functioning in another language and culture that if I could do that, I could take on whatever the next challenge would be in my life. I walked all over France by myself and didn't speak French, so what's to get kerfuffled about when I'm lost in downtown Chicago? At least people speak English.

Two of our three daughters, Laurel '03 and Adrienne '06, are Knox graduates, and we encouraged all three of them to travel abroad when they were in college. When Gary and I started thinking about the type of students we wanted to support with an endowed scholarship, we decided that we didn't want a student to not be able to travel abroad because of finances. With an endowed scholarship, we know that opportunity will continue to be available to Knox students in the years to come.

Judy and her husband, Gary Anderson '75, met in the Gizmo on September 17, 1971, and, after almost 40 years, are still dedicated to each other and their alma mater. The couple has given consistently to Knox for years, joining the President's Circle in 2008. Gary majored in biology and is a pathologist.