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Alumni & Friends

Rachel Clark '12

Rachel Clark '12

Neuroscience Graduate Student

I now see diversity of opinions as not only useful, but necessary, for the advancement of any group of individuals.
Edward Davis '12

Edward Davis '12

Sound Designer and Composer

I've recognized my long-term goal, which is to be a successful, published composer and a professor of composition at a school like Knox.
Shaunak Mulani '12

Shaunak Mulani '12

Medical School Student

The opportunities for a pre-med student are pretty limitless.
Lauren Smith '12

Lauren Smith '12

Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology

Knox was exactly what I expected -- academically challenging, but also positive and supportive.
Shirley Dehn '11

Shirley Dehn '11

Graduate Student at Northwestern University

I have really appreciated the values I gained at Knox through its Honor Code and small, intimate environment.
Sara DeMaria '11

Sara DeMaria '11

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

I think my work in Honors gave me the confidence and inspiration necessary to explore the larger world of scientific research.
Alex Robertson '11

Alex Robertson '11

Web Developer

I feel that ultimately these strategies of constantly challenging one's assumptions and methods will keep me on my toes and a perpetual student of the world around me.
Arianna Timko '11

Arianna Timko '11

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student

The friends and mentors I made at Knox are life-long, and I feel incredibly grateful for the relationships I have with such socially aware, engaged, creative, ambitious individuals.
Kelly Wiggen '11

Kelly Wiggen '11

Veterinary School Student

I got literally hundreds of hours of animal experience by working with zebra finches.
Lauren Assaf '10

Lauren Assaf '10

Litigation Project Assistant, Kirkland & Ellis

Knox has everything to do with where I am and where I'm going.
Pier Debes '10

Pier Debes '10

Elementary School, College, and Church Choir Director

Unlike most other kids my age who are in their first year or second year out of college, I am doing what I went to school for.
Ryn Flynn '10

Ryn Flynn '10

Lighting Design Graduate Student

At Knox, I learned that you could be an artist without starving or selling out. You just have put in the work and find fellow artists who are willing to put in the work, too.
Corey Heppner '10

Corey Heppner '10

Jazz Studies Graduate Student

The high value on imagination and human-connectedness that the Knox community seems to breathe daily has changed me for the better.
Karima Daoudi '09

Karima Daoudi '09

Fulbright-MTVU Grantee

For me, Knox was kind of like an incubator for the real world.
Tim Stedman '09

Tim Stedman '09

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art

I think the combination of my professional background, the coursework I’ve taken, and my studio experience puts me in a unique position as a professor.
Katie Bell '08

Katie Bell '08

Professional Artist

My work transformed quickly in grad school, yet it continued to foster the body of work that I started in college.
Saras Gil '08

Saras Gil '08


I think without the prior training that I had in Knox, I would have gotten choked up on trying to ‘act’ instead of just being in each moment.
Michael Stockov '08

Michael Stockov '08

Financial Analyst

The mindset of Knox of developing your skills and teaching you how to think and ask the right questions -- that thought process can apply to whatever you do.
Dan Prieto '08

Dan Prieto '08

New Teacher of the Year Award Winner

Knox professors inspired me to work toward my dreams.
Will Faber '07

Will Faber '07

Music Graduate Student

It would have been impossible for me to know how strongly I would feel about the campus and community.
Rebekah Richardson '07

Rebekah Richardson '07

Postdoctoral Fellow

Knox was a very diverse place that opened me up to a myriad of ideas and people.
Christin Datz '06

Christin Datz '06

Technical Integration & Engineering Operations, Boeing

There are very few schools that would allow a physics major to minor in dance.
Agostino Filippone '06

Agostino Filippone '06

Claim Examiner, RLI Insurance

Knox prepared me to meet the challenges I face in law school by always having challenged me academically and socially as an undergrad.
Jenna Price '10

Jenna Price '10


It was really exciting to be offered a position that involves both teaching and creating a show at the same time.
Benjamin Stripe '06

Benjamin Stripe '06

Postdoctoral Fellow

This is the time in your life where you define the research you want to do.
Aaron Thornton '06

Aaron Thornton '06

Global Marketing Manager

The pace and rigor that is expected from students at Knox truly gave me a leg-up on my colleagues while in graduate school.
Yuna Engle Ferguson '04

Yuna Engle Ferguson '04

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Penn State Shenango

That's what really makes this job fun for me -- to get to know students and to see what their interests are.
Carol Crouch '04

Carol Crouch '04

Coordinator of Academic Support Services

Knox taught me about the person that I really am.
Melissa Hueting '04

Melissa Hueting '04

Educational Outreach Coordinator, Figge Art Museum

If students are studying geometry, I can bring in images of the Parthenon and other Greek architecture to demonstrate how math and art are connected.
Geoff Ziegler '03

Geoff Ziegler '03

Client Technology Services and Support - Media, ESPN

I believe I’m the perfect example of someone who benefited from a liberal arts educational approach.
Dave Urlakis '03

Dave Urlakis '03

Improv Comedian

When you get right down to it, I think I'm interested in theatre and economics because they're both about figuring out how people work.
Steven Bachta '03

Steven Bachta '03

Physician, Pediatric Hospitalist

Having the Early Admission Program allowed me to explore interests outside of the classroom.
Ross Kelly '03

Ross Kelly '03

2011 Young Alumni Achievement Award Winner

My college years helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the injustices in our world.
Brandon Polite '03

Brandon Polite '03

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

I don't think a person can be a philosopher without being a teacher; it is part of what doing philosophy is.
Nick Young '03

Nick Young '03


I want to be successful in what I do. Failure is not an option for me.
Vincent Singleton '03

Vincent Singleton '03

Director, Film Collective Productions

Knox was where I learned that my passion was filmmaking.
John Doyle '02

John Doyle '02


I think the diversity of my work experience is partially a reflection of the broad, varied education I enjoyed at Knox. I wouldn't trade either -- the career or the education -- for anything.
Norman Golar '02

Norman Golar '02

Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Overall, my experience was the rainbow God every so often watermarked across those sunlit memories I continue to smile about.
Will Boast '01

Will Boast '01

Winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award

It just felt like things were very open and accessible and if you wanted to do it, you could try it. That was pretty exciting.
Lucas Southworth '01

Lucas Southworth '01

Author and Educator

Go to a place that makes you comfortable, and go to a place that gives you time to discover what you’re really interested in.
Janny Thipphongpraphas '01

Janny Thipphongpraphas '01

Senior Financial Analyst

I see logic in the art, as well as in the world of capital market -- the visual logic and the logic of the markets' fundamentals.
Matthew Berg '00

Matthew Berg '00

Millennium Villages Project Program Coordinator, Columbia University

When your professors and friends from Knox believe in you, it's a lot easier to believe in yourself.
Gregory Hanson '00

Gregory Hanson '00

Content Specialist at ACT

A liberal arts context for my science education has benefited me in many ways.
Bree Elrod Novak '00

Bree Elrod Novak '00


I met so many interesting people with whom I had--and continue to have--memorable and engaging conversations.
Lora Sariaslan '99

Lora Sariaslan '99

Museum Curator

My Knox experience helped make me a free thinking and expressive individual.
Nicole Whittaker Malley '98

Nicole Whittaker Malley '98

Instructor of Music, Director of Jazz Program

I can't imagine doing anything more fun than this. It shows that it's possible to find a topic that you can fall in love with, and I want my students to see that.
Brian Skaret '98

Brian Skaret '98

Federal Prosecutor

Knox exposed me to a broad variety of topics and interests I didn't even know that I had.
Ander Monson '97

Ander Monson '97


By trying -- and often failing -- at this variety of things, I found a fruitful way to exist in the world.
Michael Walsh '97

Michael Walsh '97

Author and Poet

I didn't find any essentially gay farm poetry. That's one of the main reasons why I kept working on this book.
Caitlin Muelder '96

Caitlin Muelder '96


Right there beside me my whole life was a gateway into this entirely new world.
Monica Berlin '95

Monica Berlin '95

Associate Professor of English

My writing process ... is a process of living with something in hopes of knowing that something by heart.
Christopher Murrie '95

Christopher Murrie '95

Editor, LAIKA Entertainment

I hold a special place for my Knox experience in my heart and owe much of my success to the growth I achieved there.
Lori Sundberg '95

Lori Sundberg '95

President, Carl Sandburg College

The Knox experience changed my life. It enabled me to dream bigger dreams for myself and to have the confidence to pursue those dreams.
Craig Choma '93

Craig Choma '93

Associate Professor of Theatre

All of this work allows me to explore my creativity through a variety of venues and in different ways based on the needs of the experience.
Alejandro "Alex" Moreno '93

Alejandro "Alex" Moreno '93

Business Owner/Artist

I have never forgotten that I am an artist. I have never forgotten my true desire.
Hardika Shah '92

Hardika Shah '92

Founder and CEO of Kinara Capital

Knox has prepared you to be persistent, to be flexible, to be resilient -- you will come to rely on these skills as you find or create your own career path.
Christine Steyer '92

Christine Steyer '92

Opera Singer

When I sing for the kids, I sing pieces I love and pieces that I think they will love. It's allowed me to come back to my heart.
Indira Somani '92

Indira Somani '92

Assistant Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications

For once I was seeing India through my eyes, not my parents' eyes.
Audrey Petty '90

Audrey Petty '90

Associate Professor of English; Poet and Author

Knox was the place that I began to really take myself seriously as a thinker -- not only as a writer, as a creative person, but as a thinker.
Mary Crawford '89

Mary Crawford '89

Professor of Chemistry

I know that I’m here because someone took an interest in me. So I try to take that same interest in my students.
Todd Monken '89

Todd Monken '89

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach

Coach Oberembt was more than a coach to me—he opened up his home to me to come over and study a couple of times a week.
Carol Craig '89

Carol Craig '89

Founder, Craig Technologies

I think that you can balance anything as long as you understand your priorities.
John Lawler '88

John Lawler '88

Chairman and CEO

I have an MBA, but I find that what benefits me the most is everything I learned at Knox.
Karen Kampwirth '86

Karen Kampwirth '86

Chair of Latin American Studies

Most of my research has been on grassroots politics and gender politics. Lately I've been doing interviews with activists in the LGBT rights movement in Nicaragua.
Keith Belzer '85

Keith Belzer '85


I left Knox interested in the world of ideas.
Chuck Smith '84

Chuck Smith '84

Attorney, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates

You have to be able to give back to the world, not just your community and nation.
Patrick Lyn '84

Patrick Lyn '84

Senior Vice Pesident, Standish Mellon Asset Management

Nothing prepares you for life like a liberal arts education. It teaches you to think, it teaches you to reason, and it teaches you to question.
Mary Jo Festle '83

Mary Jo Festle '83


The great thing about going to a liberal arts school is you learn how to learn.
Jennifer Casler Price '83

Jennifer Casler Price '83

Curator for Asian and Non-Western Art

The nature of life is to be broad.
Kandy Sayrs '82

Kandy Sayrs '82


I see myself as an active leader in my community. I love Galesburg.
Steve McClure '79

Steve McClure '79

Economic Developer

The 'Knox Connection' has been a part of my career from start to finish.
P. Christopher Earley '80

P. Christopher Earley '80

Dean of Purdue University's Krannert School of Management

I've lived in more than a dozen countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This cultural focus arose from my experiences and opportunities gained at Knox.
Deborah DeGraff '80

Deborah DeGraff '80

Professor of Economics, Bowdoin College

I like to say I started at Knox when I was three years old.
Doug Hill '77

Doug Hill '77


The curiosity for me has always been how much I can push myself. I want to see what my limit is.
Valerie Cwik '77

Valerie Cwik '77

Executive Vice President of Research and Medical Director, Muscular Dystrophy Association

It has been my privilege to be a physician caring for individuals and their families facing very challenging, often life-threatening, medical conditions.
Gary Jacobson '77

Gary Jacobson '77

Executive Vice President, Ricerca Biosciences

The Knox family got me pointed in the right direction and counseled me frequently thereafter.
Keith Maskus '76

Keith Maskus '76

Professor of Economics & Associate Dean for Social Sciences at the University of Boulder, Colorado

I came to Knox with reservations about what such a small college could offer. What I found was a gold mine in the cornfields.
James Solomon '74

James Solomon '74

Alumni Achievement Award Winner

As far back as I can remember, I was always collecting things: rocks, fossils, shells, fruits and other plant parts, nests, insects.
David Fridovich '74

David Fridovich '74

Three-Star Lieutenant General

A liberal arts education works when you have to deal with the broadest base of individuals the world has to offer.
Duke Petrovich '74

Duke Petrovich '74

President, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

Looking at today's students gives me great confidence in the leaders of tomorrow.
Cynthia Costello '74

Cynthia Costello '74


I have painted all my life and am now -- for the first time -- painting full time.
Peter Leibig '73

Peter Leibig '73

President and CEO

I think my liberal arts education has served me well as the CEO of a non-profit.
Jim Martin '73

Jim Martin '73

Regional Administrator

I was very interested in public lands and natural resources and I figured maybe being a lawyer was the way to go.
Sherwood Kiraly '72

Sherwood Kiraly '72

Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright

This is the place that allowed me to express myself artistically to the absolute limit of my ability.
W. Dudley McCarter ’72

W. Dudley McCarter ’72

Founding Member, Behr, McCarter & Potter, P.C.

I believe Knox instilled in me -- and helped me develop -- the ability to reason, think logically, and keep an open mind.
Richard Riddell '72

Richard Riddell '72

Vice President, University Secretary

Sound management and a strong commitment to its educational program have served Knox well.
Jan Koran '71

Jan Koran '71

Retired General Counsel, YMCA

I give to Knox so that I can make a difference in students' lives. Knox has been and will be my number one charity.
Don Raleigh '71

Don Raleigh '71

Jay Rickard Judson Distinguished Professor

I would argue that the value of a liberal arts education is so obvious that attempting to justify it serves only to detract from its worth.
Ann McConachie '71

Ann McConachie '71

Director and Teacher-in-Residence, Amka Afrika School

First and foremost, Knox helped me achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.
Semenya McCord '71

Semenya McCord '71

Jazz Voice Instructor, Carl Sandburg and Knox Colleges

When I did enroll as a music education major at Knox, it felt right.
Charles Kartman '70

Charles Kartman '70


I met five American and four South American presidents, Emperor Hirohito, Kim Jong Il, Prime Ministers, Cabinet members, and parliamentarians beyond counting.
James Hallock '69

James Hallock '69

President, Earth Block Inc.

ALL of my professors were outstanding, and I felt that I knew each one of them as a person.
Ralph Walter '69

Ralph Walter '69

Senior Managing Director, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.

It's important that alumni understand that giving to Knox is a good investment.
Wendy Saul '68

Wendy Saul '68

Endowed Professor of Education and International Studies

Knox gave me a sense of agency that I don’t think I would have had at a larger place. And that sense of agency has made all the difference in my life.
Mary Burgland '68

Mary Burgland '68

Lector and Eucharistic minister

What Knox imparted was a drive for excellence and to do the best I could do.
William Barnhart '68

William Barnhart '68

Journalist & Author

...knowing how to ask and learn -- the essence of my Knox education -- is critical.
David Axelrod '67

David Axelrod '67

Documentary Producer, Writer, Director

There is seldom a day in my work when I don't use the skills of research or criticism or composition that I learned at Knox.
Margery Rosen Kraus '67

Margery Rosen Kraus '67

Founder and CEO, APCO Worldwide

I have been able to build a company, the majority of which is owned by its employees, that is considered a great place to work.
Jay Matson '65

Jay Matson '65

President, Seminary Street Historic Commercial District

Galesburg will continue to be recreated and sustained by innovation. It's the future
Linda Dybas '64

Linda Dybas '64

Professor of Biology

I find it incredibly exciting to work with students at this stage of their education. Their fresh approach is contagious.
Fay Stevenson-Smith '64

Fay Stevenson-Smith '64

Doctor, Sculptor, Knox Trustee

Returning to Knox, I realized how central the College was to whom I had become -- I felt like the wanderer had finally returned home.
Alvin Crumbliss

Alvin Crumbliss

Professor of Chemistry

I had a real feeling of being a part of an academic community.
Joseph B. Glossberg

Joseph B. Glossberg

Senior Managing Director, Gofen & Glossberg, Inc.

I'm a great champion of higher education. I believe in the liberal arts.
Lynn Wright '63

Lynn Wright '63

Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Knox gave me a solid foundation to build on.
Harold Bibb '62

Harold Bibb '62

Professor of Biology & Associate Dean, University of Rhode Island

Knox is at its core a place of fundamental fairness and a place that facilitates access to an excellent undergraduate education.
Alexander Kuo '61

Alexander Kuo '61

Writer, photographer, and professor

For me, Knox had established a high bar of excellence and allowed me to think in innovative ways.
Mary Lu Hudson Aft '60

Mary Lu Hudson Aft '60

Alumni Achievement Award Winner

My Knox education taught me to be open to new ideas, new experiences, and new learning.
William Reiners '59

William Reiners '59

Alumni Achievement Award-Winner

Treat every person as a valued individual with his or her own important story. Strive for the broadest possible perspective on the human condition.
Gene Binder '56

Gene Binder '56

Founder, College Assistance Migrant Program

Thousands of migrant children have become community leaders.
Alan Anderson '56

Alan Anderson '56

Professor, Western Kentucky University

I encourage Knox students to give themselves fully to the Knox experience, both in class and out.
Elizabeth Harler Van Steenwyk '48

Elizabeth Harler Van Steenwyk '48

Children's Author and Business Manager

I learned early that I had to recognize what was missing and reach out for it.
Dick Cheney '43

Dick Cheney '43

Psychoanalyst & Public Relations Executive

My career choices illustrate how a successful liberal arts education open doors to careers that expand far beyond a student's major.
Mark Kleine

Mark Kleine

President, Kleine Equipment

I believe in the tremendous value there is in having Knox College in our area.
Pete Thierry

Pete Thierry

Fan of Prairie Fire Athletics

My heart is still here in Galesburg for Knox. Knox is still home to me.