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Parents' FAQ

How do I know how my son or daughter is doing academically?
Following guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Knox does not routinely send grade reports to parents or guardians. The College will send the grades to your home address if your student signs a release form at the Registrar's Office permitting us to do so. Parents do receive letters if a student does very well and is entered on the Dean's List, or is in difficulty (in which case the parents are sent a copy of the letter sent the student by the Academic Status Committee).

Whom do I talk to if I am concerned about how my son or daughter is doing?
Knox expects students to "take ownership" of their education, so it makes sense to talk directly with your student first. There are a number of resources on campus that students can contact for academic assistance, including The Center for Teaching and Learning, which offers free tutoring to all students, and the TRIO Achievement Program for selected students. If you continue to have concerns, you may wish to contact the Student Development Office at 309-341-7222.

How does advising work at Knox?
Wherever possible, students are matched with faculty advisors on the basis of academic interest. Most students continue to work with this advisor until they have chosen a major, when they will be reassigned to a faculty member in that field. This happens at the end of the first year at Knox at the earliest and at the end of the second year at the latest.

When do students sign up for classes for fall term?
New students pre-enroll for classes after meeting with their advisors during Orientation. Official schedules are then sent to students, and at Registration on Wednesday morning students who have been closed out of a class can select another. The Associate Dean and other faculty are available at Registration site to help students find alternatives.

What about language placement?
Students who have studied French, German or Spanish will be asked to take an online placement test before arriving at Knox; their advisors will have those results during Orientation. Students who were not able to take those tests, or who have studied Japanese, Latin or Greek, will be directed to contact language instructors during Orientation to discuss their placement in those languages.

Does credit that my child has taken at another college or university count at Knox?
Most courses at accredited colleges and universities that are within the realm of the liberal arts do transfer to Knox. Each semester hour counts for .3 Knox credits. Courses for which Knox does not award credit include, but are not limited to, examples such as Physical Education, Mathematics below the level of pre-calculus, computer training classes, and vocational specializations such as EMT or Legal Assistant courses. Questions about transfer credits should be directed to the Registrar Chuck Schulz at 309-341-7203.

Does a student have to apply for financial aid every year?
If you are receiving need-based financial aid or a federal loan, you must make a new application for financial aid every year. The Financial Aid Office sends instructions and necessary forms after the first of the year.

Why don't work study/campus employment earnings apply to a student's charges?
Students who work on-campus receive a bi-weekly check based on the number of hours worked. Most students use their work-study earnings to cover personal expenses or books and supplies. If a student wants to use his/her paycheck to pay part of their bill, he/she can make those arrangements with the business office.

Can I pay for my tuition with a credit card?
Credit card payments are handled through Tuition Management Systems, a payment clearinghouse used by Knox. Tuition Management charges a fee of 2.5 to 3 percent for credit card payments. Tuition Management also offers monthly payment plans. Information is available by calling 1-888-722-4867.

Can students charge books from the bookstore to their student account?
This is not possible unless there is special need approved by the Business Office staff. The bookstore does take Visa and Master Card.

Can students change their meal plans?
Meal plan changes are permitted during the first two weeks of each term. The student will need to sign a new meal plan contract at the Dining Services office.

What about vehicles on campus?
Vehicles need to be registered with the Office of Campus Safety. The Vehicle parking form can be found on the Campus Safety website. Print out the form, fill out the necessary information, and return the form to the office of Campus Safety where a parking sticker will be issued.

What if students get locked out of their room?
Students should contact Campus Safety at extension 7979. Students get two free lockouts per year. Lockouts #3 and #4 are each $10, and #5 is $50. After the second, a $5 charge will be added to the student's account for each additional lockout.

What if a campus emergency occurs?
The Knox College Office of Campus Safety seeks to provide service, safety, and protection of persons and property within our community; to educate the community about security issues, personal safety measures and protective strategies; to provide a visible, reassuring and accessible presence; and to provide a level of service that fosters positive community relations. Certainly, no one can predict emergencies, but the College does have a Guideline for Campus Emergencies protocol to assist with the efforts. In addition to Campus Safety Staff, the department maintains a strong working relationship with the Galesburg Police Department as well as county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The Galesburg Police and Fire Departments are located just one block north of campus at the Public Safety Building. These agencies respond promptly when the College requests their assistance.

How can I get a package to my son/daughter?
All deliveries are made to the Mailroom in the basement of Seymour Union. No deliveries are made to the residence halls. All mail and deliveries should include the student's name and Knox College Box number using the format:
Student's Name
Knox College Box ______
2 E South St
Galesburg, IL 61401

Items that cannot be put in the student's mailbox are held in the Mailroom, and the student receives a package notification slip. Flower arrangements or other deliveries are also delivered to the Mailroom, logged in, and a notification slip is placed in the students' mailbox. In case of overnight deliveries or perishables, we also attempt to contact the student by phone.

 How do I hook up a computer on campus?

Information on computer hook-up is distributed at Orientation. Because Knox has a campus-wide high-speed network, modems are not used. For more information, call the Computer Help Desk at 309-341-7700 or refer to the Information Technology Services Web page.