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Campus Life Services

All entering students are assigned an academic advisor, usually on the basis of the student’s potential area of academic interest. The advisor helps with course selection, adding or dropping courses. When the student declares a major (usually near the end of the sophomore year), an advisor from the student’s major department is assigned. Students may change advisors by going to the Office of the Dean of the College and speaking with the Associate Dean, who also monitors the academic progress of all students. Student Development focuses on personal and social issues but will also assist students with academic issues and problems.

Knox College provides learning support through the Center for Teaching and Learning. Learning support services in this center rely on a combination of student peer tutors and professional counseling. All inquiries regarding tutoring may be directed to the Center's director, John Haslem, at 309-341-7151or

Counseling Service
Short-term counseling services are available, free of charge, for professional counseling for a variety of personal issues through the Counseling Center. Special assistance to individuals with alcohol or drug-abuse problems is also available.

Student Health Service
Knox offers the Knox College Student Health Service to all students regularly enrolled for two or more credits each term. It provides students with access to cooperating physicians, radiology and lab services and transportation to and from these services. Students do not need to pay out-of-pocket for these services when they are provided by the independently practicing physicians in Galesburg who provide health care to students through a contract with the College.

Health Insurance Options
We are committed to helping you find the right option to ensure your well-being, which is why all Knox students are strongly advised to have comprehensive health insurance while in college. While basic health care is available through Health Services on campus, chronic or extended medical conditions, prescriptions, x-rays, lab tests, emergency medical care, and hospital visits are your financial responsibility. Under the new federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines, U.S. students can remain on family plans until age 26. If you have a primary insurance provider or are enrolled in a voluntary health insurance program, please bring that provider card/information with you to campus.

Voluntary Health Insurance: Although Knox does not administer or provide comprehensive health insurance for students, we have identified options through Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc. U.S. students can visit for information on how to obtain voluntary health insurance plan options. More information about healthcare and health insurance in the U.S. for international students will be available soon.

PNC Bank is now on campus! A DepositEasy ATM located in Seymour Hall allows you to deposit multiple checks, and withdraw money down to the $1.00. For more information click here:

College Bookstore
The College Bookstore, located on the lower level of Seymour Union, stocks text books, basic necessities (shampoo, aspirin, etc.) and other items such as popular books, reference books, stationery, greeting cards, computer software and accessories and Knox memorabilia. Merchandise may be paid for with cash, check or credit card.