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Since students learn a great deal from each other, Knox requires that students live in College-owned or approved housing and participate in the board plan unless they have special permission to commute, live off-campus, or go off-board.

The College provides a variety of housing options, including single-sex or coed buildings, apartments, special interest houses, and block housing.

Housing Lottery
Each spring, returning students sign up for housing through a lottery system. Learn more about the lottery system. Students generally must choose a roommate to live with, as single rooms are very limited.

Because of health, safety, and facility concerns, most animals are not permitted. Hamsters, gerbils, or birds are allowed in residence halls rooms, with a roommate's approval. All pets must be kept in cages or bowls, must be well-cared for, and must have a roommate's approval. No dogs, cats and ferrets are allowed in the residence halls or campus houses.

Your students may add furnishings to his or her room -- within basic safety standards.

  • Students must affix posters or other decorations to walls in a way that does not cause damage, such as with nails or pins.
  • Halogen torch lamps are strictly prohibited.
  • Open flame appliances are strictly prohibited, including toaster ovens, and hot plates.

Residence Hall Furniture
Before leaving the room at the end of each year, all College-owned furniture must be in place and fully assembled, and all personal belongings must be removed.

Students cannot bring or build lofts in residence hall rooms, as almost all rooms have furniture that features a lofting option.

If facilities services needs to remove or reassemble furniture, students will be charged $25 per item.

Any damage beyond normal wear and tear to the room or residence will be repaired and charged to the student responsible. Repair costs for damages in common living areas are charged to the residents of the entire living unit or suite.

Students must bring their own towels, sheets (beds measure 36" X 80"), pillowcases and blankets.

Washing machines and dryers are available at several locations on campus, as are ironing boards with electrical outlets nearby. Students provide their own irons. Laundry facilities are open 24 hours a day.