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Helpful Articles for Parents

Gimenez, S., 2010-11, The Choice: Demystifying College Admissions and Aid, a blog from an incoming Knox student. New York Times.

Nelson, V., 2011, College Parent Central, a blog with information for the parents of current college students.

Redden, E., July 13, 2010, Academic Outcomes of Study Abroad, Inside Higher

Austin, J., July 21, 2010, Parents: Time for your college-bound student to get some financial savvy, Purdue University News Service.

Maton, L., July 27, 2010, Student interest fuels green campus innovations,

Poppy, H., Getting Your Student Off The Family Payroll, a PDF presentation presented at Family Weekend from the Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development.

Steinberg, J., November 9, 2009, What High School Seniors Might Learn From a Survey of 360,000 College Students. New York Times.

Knox College, Office of Campus Safety, Guidelines For Campus Emergencies. (PDF)