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Dreading Finals? Knox Students End Term with Time-Traveling Superheroes

Time traveling superheroes can do just about anything -- they're time-traveling superheroes, after all. They even help Knox students get better grades, based on students’ design presentations of imaginary characters created in the fall term class “Design and Technology for Stage and Screen.” Finals and term projects are often more than tests and papers, as Knox College faculty make engaging assignments to evaluate student achievements. Even students with "old school" written final exams aren’t tied to their desks or classrooms. The Knox College Honor Code allows students to take tests in a wide variety of public locations on campus. View more fun final projects at Knox.

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Knox Students Strive to Solve Environmental Challenges Locally, Globally

Social justice, climate change, consumerism, and socially responsible agriculture were just a few of the topics at the third annual Prairie Fire Bioneers Conference, which brings together people seeking to solve some of the world's biggest environmental and social challenges. The conference at Knox featured presentations from the National Bioneers Conference and interactive workshops on issues in the Galesburg area. Learn more about the conference. Campus initiatives include a new electric car to transport student volunteers within the community and a “high tunnel greenhouse” that will help the College supply more of its own food.

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Does It Hurt? Professor Studies Subjectivity of Pain

What is pain? Does everyone feel pain the same way? Is pain a reliable symptom for diagnosis? Sarah Scullin, visiting assistant professor of classics, focuses her research on the subjectivity of pain and how pain has been experienced through time starting with ancient Greek medical texts. "What I experience as painful, and how I experience pain is very much influenced by my culture," Scullin says. "Even though we acknowledge the subjectivity of pain, we still insist on basing much of our medical care on the symptom of pain." Read more about her research.

Apply for Admission by February 1
It's time to apply for admission. Apply for admission by the Regular Decision deadline, and receive your admission and scholarship decision by the end of March. And you'll have until May 1 to make your final college selection. For complete instructions on how to apply online, go to www.knox.edu/apply.

Check Your Application Status
Started your application and wondering about its status? Log into your applicant status page any time to check the status of your application, upload scholarship and additional materials, and meet your counselor or request to interact with a current Knox student. Log in at apply.knox.edu/status.

Attend Our Winter Open House 
The best way to get to know Knox is to visit, and the best time to visit is during one of our open houses. Meet faculty and students; explore labs and classes; and ask questions about scholarships, financial aid, opportunities for off-campus study, and independent research. Our next open house is January 20. Register now at www.knox.edu/openhouse.

Schedule a Personal Visit
If you can’t attend an open house, you can schedule a personal visit to Knox. Visits will include a student-guided tour of campus and an opportunity to meet with your admission counselor. You can also talk with professors and coaches, and eat lunch with students in the Hard Knox Cafe. High school seniors can also observe classes. Register at www.knox.edu/visit.


Important Dates

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Winter Open House

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Regular Decision Deadline for First-Year Applicants

February 1

Priority Date to Apply for Financial Aid

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