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Students Kayak Across Alaska

Knox in Alaska: Studying Forests, Fisheries, and Politics

Knox students and professor Nicolaas Mink traveled through Alaska by kayak during a four-week field course to study ecology and interact with local experts and citizens. Before making their way to southeast Alaska, the students prepared by taking a 10-week class with Mink, an environmental studies professor.

Audrey Todd, one of the students in Mink's "Forests, Fisheries, and the Politics of Wilderness" class, has been providing periodic updates about the experience on the Knox in Alaska blog.

“On Day 5, we kayaked another 10-ish miles and stayed at a place with a really long beach shore. Everyone was excited about the site, but also very tired. We decided to stay two days at this campsite so people could rest up and so we could learn about the tides and forest ecology the next day.”

Read more about the journey the students shared and what they learned.

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Senior Interns as Research Assistant

Knox Students Intern Around the World

At Knox, we believe in the value of “learning by doing” -- applying what you learn in the classroom through “real-world” experiences such as internships. Knox students have spanned out across the globe this summer to pursue a variety of internships. A few examples:

  • Spanish major Elicia Bibbs: Investment division of Pinnacle Absolute, a dynamic management and services group in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Political science major Philip Bennett: Economic and business policy intern in the mayor's office in Los Angeles.

  • Chemistry major Shelly Bhanot: Making a difference at St. Joseph's Mission Hospital in Migori, Kenya.

  • Economics major Bobby Stuebi: Focusing on sustainable agriculture and economic development in San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala.
Read more about other students and the internships they are participating in during summer break.

Senior Writes First-Page Story at Journalism Internship

Senior Lands Journalism Internship and Front-Page Story

Less than a week into his summer reporting internship with the Chicago Sun-Times, Knox senior Matt McKinney teamed up with a couple of veteran journalists to produce a front-page story. The article focused on how students and elected officials were reacting to a change in federal immigration policy. A day earlier, President Barack Obama's administration had announced that many younger undocumented immigrants, who entered the country as children, would be protected from deportation. "That was my second day -- kind of an intimidating task," said Matt. Learn more about his internship and read the article he helped write.

Knox Journalism Students Win Top Statewide Awards

Partnership Provides Direct Admission to Business School

Sara Jane Ahmed '12 wants to help make the world a better place, and she's set her sights on how to accomplish that. Part of her plan involves earning a master's degree in finance from the Simon Graduate School of Business, consistently ranked among the top business schools. The Simon School has a partnership with Knox College that allows Knox students with strong academic potential, regardless of major, to gain early admission to the Simon School MBA program. "I see business as being a steppingstone for economic development and environmental sustainability," said Sara Jane. "My goal is the acquisition of the skill sets necessary to manage, operate, and design opportunities in emerging markets." Learn more about Sara Jane's plans for the future and Knox’s relationship with the Simon Business School.

Make a Statement, Make a Difference
National Science Foundation Grant Supports Knox Research

National Science Foundation Grant Supports Knox Research

With support from a National Science Foundation research grant, Knox College professor David Bunde and a group of Knox students are developing new strategies for teaching computer science at the undergraduate level. Their work focuses on parallel computing -- basically, a method of programming that better utilizes the multiple processors (or cores) that are increasingly prevalent in computer hardware and enable applications to run faster. Bunde said his NSF research explores the question: "How do you make this material, which everyone kind of regards as advanced and esoteric, into something we could teach everybody?" Read more about the grant and how it supports new and exciting computer science projects at Knox.

Joint Student and Professor Research Project Gains International Attention

Joint Student and Professor Research Project Gains International AttentionResearch conducted as a Knox student by Christine Reuter Starr '10 is gaining national and international attention as the first study to show that girls as young as six identify themselves as sex objects. Starr, who now works as a medical research assistant, and her faculty mentor, professor Gail Ferguson, co-authored the report, published in the journal Sex Roles. Starr interviewed 60 girls between ages six and nine, showing them pictures of two dolls, one doll dressed in "sexy" clothes and the other doll wearing modest but still trendy clothes. More than two-thirds of the girls -- 68 percent -- said they wanted to look like the "sexy" doll and nearly three-fourths -- 72 percent -- said the sexy doll would be more popular. Read more about what Starr is finding and the impact Knox had on her and her research.

Faculty Member’s Book Examines Ecological Research

Faculty Member’s Book Examines Ecological Research

Environmental concepts that we thought we understood -- such as "natural," "degraded," and "restored" -- need to be re-examine according to a new book by Knox College biologist Stuart Allison. His book Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change traces the history of ecological restoration, current restoration techniques, and future challenges presented by climate change. Allison, a professor of biology, has directed prairie restoration for the past 15 years at Knox College's Green Oaks Biological Field Station. "Tallgrass prairies are one of the most badly disturbed ecosystems in the world," he says. "More than 99% of the original tallgrass prairie in Illinois has been lost. The only way we will ever have more tallgrass prairie is if we grow and manage it as Knox is doing at Green Oaks." Learn more about Allison’s book and Knox’s Green Oaks Biological Field Station.

Knox Journalism Students Win Top Statewide Awards

Recent Alum to Study Finance at Simon Business SchoolAn award-winning investigation by Knox College journalism students, The Maytag Project, earned two additional top statewide prizes in June at the annual joint convention of the Illinois Press Association and the Illinois Associated Press Editors Association. The students' work competed against work produced by professional journalists and judges described The Maytag Project as taking a "truly unique approach to a huge regional story." The Maytag series examined what happened to employees who were laid off after a local manufacturing plant closed. Learn more about the additional honors the project has been awarded and read the original series.

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Are you a high school student just beginning to look at colleges? There’s still time to visit campus this summer and experience Knox first-hand. Take a student-guided tour, interview with an admission counselor, even talk with professors and coaches. Learn more, see open house dates, and register online.

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700: The size of Knox's biological field station, Green Oaks, in acres.
700 The size of Knox's biological field station, Green Oaks, in acres.

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