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Taking Ownership of Your Education at Knox

At Knox, you will take ownership of your own education, following academic guideposts set up for you. But you will also explore new disciplinary areas and even take some calculated risks to seek the fullest possible education. In this process, you will count on the relationship developed with your academic advisor, with whom you'll meet during your first days on campus this fall.

Professor and studentTo prepare for that meeting, please let us know about your preliminary course interests. A typical course load is between 2.5 and 3.5 credits. While most courses are worth one credit, a few (e.g., music lessons) can be taken for half credit. Some classes meet only two or three times a week; others meet every day or intermix lecture and lab meetings. You can find more of this sort of practical information at Through the end of July, a Knox professor will also be available to answer any questions you have about the academic program. Ask a prof now!

Typically, all first-term students take Preceptorial 100 (familiarly called "FP") in the fall term. Many also take another writing class in the first year and embark on a second language. If you are unsure which level of language instruction is appropriate, you can discuss the matter with your advisor. Your recommended placement in a language class is also aided by an online language test, though you may have an interest in starting study in a new language. Your advisor can also help you decide, based on your background, which math and science courses are suited for you. Certain introductory courses in various disciplines are also a good choice in the first year.

That said, do not become too invested this summer in planning your coursework either for fall or for the first year, as your advisor will want to introduce you to areas you may not have contemplated. Enjoy perusing the course offerings and jotting down the courses that grab your interest. By all means, bring that list with you to campus! But also be sure to bring an open mind, a sense of flexibility, and a good measure of curiosity.

Finally, another unique Knox feature that you should take time to review on our website is the Knox College Honor Code. Take a few moments soon to view a video that tells you about this deeply valued Knox tradition.

First-Year Preceptorial is a Journey of Intellectual Discovery

A class meets outside in front of the Ford Center for Fine ArtsKnox's First-Year Preceptorial is a journey of intellectual discovery for first-year students. Its goal is not to "cover" a particular subject, but to initiate dialogue and hone habits of inquiry, communication, and judgment vital for success at Knox and beyond. As a true interdisciplinary program, Preceptorial classes are taught by professors from nearly all academic programs. View descriptions of courses offered this fall.

Summer Reading
Even before you arrive on campus, we'd like to get you thinking about some important questions that will guide your liberal arts education experience -- about yourself, about your place and roles within a community, about how and why we think. So we'd like you to read a short essay by David Foster Wallace, entitled, "Consider the Lobster." Yes, that's right: we're suggesting that something written about lobsters provides insight into yourself, the communities you engage with, and the next four years of your life (welcome to a liberal arts education!). Take a look at the review questions and think them over as you read the essay (PDF). During New Student Orientation you'll attend a talk by Professor Brandon Polite, a faculty member in Philosophy, who will provide insights on this thought-provoking essay.

Placement Exams Help in Course Selection

Placement exams can be taken online.All students need to satisfy a requirement in math and a second language for graduation. To assist you in selecting the appropriate courses, the math department will make a course recommendation based on your academic records and the results from an online placement exam that you must take before you arrive on campus in the fall. You also must take an online placement exam if you studied French, German, or Spanish in high school, or have had significant exposure to these languages. If you studied Japanese, Chinese, or Latin, you should notify your advisor during orientation so that a good placement can be arranged. Learn more about placement exams in math and a second language and how to take the exams.

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September 11
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September 12
Classes Begin

October 4-6
Family and Friends Weekend


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