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Associate Professor of Art Mark Holmes with a student in ceramics class.In a few short months, we'll welcome you to campus, to your new home and new community for the next four years. Most importantly, we'll welcome you as you take your first step in the academic adventure that you'll construct over the next several years.

As you begin that journey, it may seem daunting to think about everything you need to know as you choose your courses, test your interests and talents, affirm your aspirations, or discover new goals. Perhaps it will help simply to point out the "What," "How," and "Why" of academics at Knox.

You will travel a road leading toward a liberal arts education with the following guideposts: Through Foundations courses, you'll gain a sense of the breadth of learning in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Eventually, you'll decide on a major and a second field of study, which will equip you with your Specialization. You'll acquire Key Competencies through the development of your writing, speaking, and quantitative skills; the understanding of a second language; and the exploration of the nature and significance of diversity. You'll complete an Experiential Learning internship, shadow experience, or other project through which you will learn by doing. And all along the way, there'll be plenty of opportunities for you to choose courses on the basis of your interests.

A student in the Knox chemistry lab.You'll be guided in making choices from your very first day through discussions with your advisor, who will also help you plan to take advantage of special opportunities, including study abroad, your own creative projects, internships, and community service work. Your advisor and other faculty and staff will make suggestions, ensure you are aware of your options, and help you consider the pros and cons of your choices.

Why don't we simply give you a list of courses to take and things to do? Why all this attention to discussion and making decisions? Simple: the best education is one that equips you to function independently, to take the initiative, to make choices, and to understand their consequences. And that's what guides us -- in guiding you -- here at Knox.

Learn more about the academic program at Knox.

VeritasKnox Honor Code

While a policy on academic honesty might not be something you're thinking about right now, Knox's Honor Code will matter every day of your life on campus. You will govern your own behavior and monitor your own academic integrity. Having this privilege is central to your identity as a young academic and your intellectual life on campus. In fact, we haven't had a monitored test at Knox since the Honor Code was initiated in 1950. Learn more about the Knox College Honor System.

What do students have to say about the Honor Code? "Because of the trust and the value that professors instill in you through this Honor Code, it was emphasized from the beginning, for me, that I am a young academic now," says Charlotte Young '13. Watch a video about what students have to say about the Honor Code.

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August 19
Fall Athlete and Parent Orientation

September 4
Multicultural Student Orientation
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September 6
Non-Traditional Student Orientation

September 7
Family and Friends Orientation
New Student Orientation

September 11
Pumphandle, Day of Service, and
All-Campus Picnic

September 12
Classes Begin

October 4-6
Family and Friends Weekend


May 27 -- Orientation

May 20 -- Knox Traditions

May 13 -- Graduation Wish List

May 6 -- Welcome to Knox!

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