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Academic Advising

The Court House Tower.

Several resources are available for assistance with academic decisions. All students have an academic advisor to whom they go for selecting courses for the next term (pre-enrollment) and whose signature is needed for many things, such as adding or dropping a course. Your advisor is also someone with whom you can discuss your educational goals and create a plan of study to meet your intellectual interests and your career goals. Your advisor can help you make sure you are meeting all of your graduation requirements, though it is principally your responsibility to know them.

The Office of the Dean of the College is another source for academic advising. Associate Dean of the College Lori Schroeder can help you change advisors and apply for fellowships and graduate school. The Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study helps students design Honors projects and also assists students who wish to apply for support for research (through the Richter program) or who are interested in undergraduate fellowships (Ford, in particular).

Selected members of the Office of Student Development staff, in addition to their responsibilities of dealing with the personal and social life of students, can help you add, drop or withdraw from a course or arrange for an emergency incomplete.

All of these people are good resources for advice on any kind of academic goal or concern. And if they don't have the answers to your questions, they will direct you to someone who does.