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Resident Advisor Staff


Residence Halls


    *Denotes housing for first year students                                              
    **Denotes housing for upperclass students

    Post Hall 1-6**/Post Hall 7-10*
    Abby KravisAbby Kravis '15
    Post 1, 2, & Basement
    Hometown: Naperville, IL

    "I love the multitude of opportunities available to students and how easy it is to be involved with variety of these."

    Adrita BurmanAdrita Deb Burman '15
    Post 3 & 4
    Hometown: Gurgaon, India

    "I'm excited about the programs that I will get to organize/attend with my residents!"                                               
    Matthew KlichMatthew Klich '15
    Post 5 & 6
    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    "I like the diversity at Knox, the close relationship with professors, and the ability to really know my colleagues."
    Anita KellyAnita Kelly '15
    Post 7 & Upper Basement
    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    "I love The Taylor Lounge because it's a great place to study and be with friends."
    Tanika PradhanTanika Pradhan '16
    Post 8
    Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

    "My favorite thing about Knox is how friendly and accepting people are."
    ShirJia BielefeldShirJia Bielefeld '15
    Post 9
    Hometown: Weston, IL

    My favorite thing about Knox is that there are so many different things you can try.
    Armor WislerArmor Wisler '15
    Post 10
    Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

    "As an RA I am really looking forward to interacting with my residents, and sharing with them all of the things I love about Knox!"
    Seymour Hall*
    Deveon RoseDeveon Rose '15
    Seymour 2
     Hometown: Chicago, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the simple and equal access to resources to do well."
    Angel ZuaznabalAngel Zuaznabal '15
    Seymour 3A
    Hometown: Miami, FL

    "I feel I know how to give my residents the best time they can at Knox."
    Adrian SecterAdrian Secter '16
    Seymour 3B
    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    "Being an RA in Seymour promises to be exciting even at it's dullest moment."

    Campbell/Elder/Furrow West*
    Kyle HammockKyle Hammock '16
    Campbell/Elder 1 & 2
    Hometown: Steger, IL

    "I love having the ability to see new people and make new friends while you're getting a great education."
    Jessica HaleJessica Hale '16
    Campbell/Elder 3,
    Furrow 2W

    Hometown: Fairfield, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is how accepting it is."
    Andrea BlasiniAndrea Blasini '15
    Campbell/Elder 4,
    Furrow 3W

    Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the community and cultural acceptance and understanding."

    Sherwin/Neifert/Furrow East*
    Dushawn DarlingDushawn Darling '15
    Sherwin/Neifert 1 & 2
    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    "The thing about Knox that first stood out to me the most was that they really cared about me as a person."
    Kate Mishkin
    Kate Mishkin '15
    Sherwin/Neifert 3,
    Furrow 2E

    Hometown: Tarzana, California

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the palpable community."
    Olivia BarnettOlivia Barnett '14
    Sherwin/Neifert 4,
    Furrow 3E

    Hometown: O Fallon, MO

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the passion that everyone shares."
    Raub/Sellew Halls*
    Sam HartSam Hart '16
    Raub/Sellew 1
    Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

    "Being an RA gives me a chance to directly exhibit what a Knox student embodies to a new generation of Knox students."
    Kiara HoneysuckerKiara Honeysucker '16
    Raub/Sellew 2 & Basement
    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

    "I'm looking forward to the chance to help make someone's transition here better."
    Laura LueninghoenerLaura Lueninghoener '16
    Raub/Sellew 3
    Hometown: O'Neill, NE

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the people. The professors and students on campus are absolutely wonderful."
    Drew/Simonds/Longden/Griffith Halls**
    Sam PerezSam Perez '15
    Hometown: Elmwood Park, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the diversity that we have! Every year I learn something new from everyone I encounter."
    Jason DeschampsJason Deschamps '16
    Hometown: Bloomington, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is that you can easily get involved in a lot of clubs/activities."
    Conger and Neal Halls*
    Nafeeul ArafNafeeul Araf '15
    Conger/Neal 1
    Hometown: Jacksonville, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the very different kinds of people you get to meet."
    Kiannah Sepeda-MillerKiannah Sepeda-Miller '16
    Conger/Neal 2
    Hometown: Boulder, CO

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the community: passionate and talented, yet welcoming."
    Cassidy JonesCassidy Jones '16
    Conger/Neal 3
    Hometown: Saint Helens, OR

    "I look forward to seeing the residents become incredibly close and establish the bonds that Knox presents."
    Houses, Apartments, & Townhouses**
    Ryan PaulusRyan Paulus '14
    Hometown: Jacksonville, IL

    "My favorite part of Knox is how open people are on campus."
    Kelsey WitzlingKelsey Witzling '14
    Hometown: St. Louis, MO

    "I am looking forward to knowing that I will make an impact on all of my residents' lives."
    Flori CorpodeanAllison Fabino '14
    Hometown: Elmwood Park, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is the community and support among students, staff, and faculty."
    Flori CorpodeanFlori Corpodean '16
    Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

    "My favorite thing about Knox is how friendly everyone is."
    Ally LohmanAlly Lohman '15
    Hometown: Naperville, IL

    "I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and getting to know them."