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How do I reserve a place to live on campus if I am participating in an off-campus program?

In order to house all students, regardless of their choice to study on or off campus, the Campus Life Committee of Student Senate has put a housing policy into effect. Essentially, this policy makes sure that all beds are filled and no one is placed into temporary housing.

Those students who choose to study off campus will still receive a lottery category and random number to go through the lottery. In general, regular lottery rules will still apply. It will differ from regular lottery in that students who have elected to study off campus will be responsible for finding a way to fill all beds in the room so that there will be no empty beds at any time. For example:

Student A will be going to Rome for fall term, but will return to campus for winter and spring terms. Student A will need to find someone to room with, as usual. In addition, though, Student A will also need to find someone who will live in their space during fall term while s/he is away. The room roster for the year will look something like this:

                              Room 101
                              Fall 2016: Student C will room with Student B
                              Winter 2017: Student A will room with Student B
                              Spring 2017: Student A will room with Student B

This will require coordination on the part of all roommates involved, and everyone will need to be aware of the circumstances surrounding when each person will be living in the room. The Campus Life Office will have an updated list of off-campus program students who will likely be able to coordinate living schedules. Using the above example, we can see how this will work. Student A will be off campus for fall term, and Student C will be off campus for winter and spring terms. Student B will not be going off campus at all. These three students have made sure that each bed in the double room has been filled.

If, for whatever reason, you choose to leave a space in the room empty when signing up for housing, know that the Campus Life Office reserves the right to (and likely will) fill that space with a new/transfer student who needs housing. It is in your best interest to do a little research into who will be around in order to get a roommate of your choosing, rather than being assigned one.

We understand that this may be confusing, so please feel free to contact anyone in the Campus Life Office if you need further clarification.

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Printed on Monday, May 30, 2016

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