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Instructions for Students

You can access the internal Academic Information screens using Firefox or Internet Explorer. This resource is available only from a campus machine, or if you have set up access to Knox from an off-campus machine using and Any Connect. (Consult Information Technology Services for help on setting up the latter.)

Select the Academic Information for Students link and the system will ask for your username and password. Your user name is your six-digit College ID number. We initially set your password to the last 4 digits of your social security number, or if you do not have one, to the first four letters of your last name, with the first letter capitalized. Please change your password. Changes in passwords do not become effective until the next day. If you forget your password, please contact the Office of the Registrar at extension 7205.

Once the system has validated you as a user, you can access any of the tasks below. First set the Term Options to the term appropriate for the job you are doing, by clicking on the Set Options button. Some of the links are navigational links to other pages, and others call up CARS programs dynamically to do tasks.

  • Student Biographical Info - This link produces a page of current biographical information about you.
  • Student Schedule - This link gives you a page containing your class schedule. Be sure your term options are set to the term for which you want to view your schedule.
  • Grades - The course grades for the term specified in your Term Options are shown.
  • Unofficial Transcript - CARS displays the historical course and grade information for you.
  • EDR - The most recently updated Educational Development Record is presented. EDR's are only updated about once a term en masse, or individually at certain important points such as the declaration of a major. CARS loads a saved text report into your Web browser. You can request an update by contacting the Office of the Registrar.
  • Elective S/U Grading - This link allows you to declare a course as elective S/U. Note the rules about doing this, which are given in the College Catalog.
  • Course Catalog - By following this link you produce an index page from which you can click on a department to see the list of courses offered that term by that department. Clicking on a course also produces summary information about that course, which gives a quick way of examining enrollments in all departmental courses.
  • GPA Projection - This is a tool that projects cumulative GPA's given assumed grades for the term.
  • Closed Classes Report - CARS dynamically produces an up-to-date list of closed and nearly closed courses if you click on this link. During pre-enrollment class size limits are released and the information produced by this and the next two reports will not be accurate.
  • Open Classes Report - CARS dynamically produces an up-to-date list of open courses if you click on this link.
  • Open Classes Report by Period - An up-to-date list of open courses sorted by class period.
  • Enroll Ind. Study - Here you can enroll in independent study and honors courses (250, 350, 400). It also permits enrollment in MUS 180 group performance courses and a few select others that have been defined as being of the independent study type. You must enter the department and number of the course, specify 1/2 or 1 credit, choose the instructor from a drop-down menu, and for 250 and 350 courses, give a title and short paragraph description of the project. To complete enrollment, you must obtain the signed permission of the faculty supervisor on the appropriate form and return it to the Registrar's office.
  • (Fall or Winter or Spring) Term Check-in - This is distinct from class enrollment. At the start of every term you must log on and run this script, which verifies your attendance, checks for billing or Dean of Students holds, verifies your class schedule and other biographical information, and sometimes asks you to fill in a brief survey.
  • Change Password - You can change your password for the Registrar's website here.

Questions and Problems
If you have any problems using the Web products, please call the Office of the Registrar at 7203, 7204, or 7205 before you call the help desk.