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Graduation Requirements

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First-Year Preceptorial ________________________
One credit in each of the four areas of the curriculum*
Arts ________________________
History and Social Science ________________________
Humanities ________________________
Math and Natural Science ________________________
*Courses in the major/minor may count in these categories


Major ________________________
Minor (or second major) ________________________
Optional second minor** ________________________
**A student may have 1 major and 1 minor; 2 majors; or 1 major and 2 minors


Writing (need C or better in these courses)
Preceptorial ________________________
A W course in the major ________________________
One additional W course ________________________
Varies by major: check major for how this requirement is to be fulfilled. Needs C or better if done through a course.
Quantitative Literacy
Mathematics proficiency (24 or above on ACT, 570 or above on SAT I Math, or completion of a Mathematics course numbered 121 or above, or completion of CTL 120 or 130) ________________________
Quantitative Literacy (passing a designated QL course) ________________________
Information literacy and informed use of technology
Varies by major: to be determined during the 2004/05 academic year
Second Language
Credit in a language course numbered 103 or above ________________________
Understanding Diversity
One designated DV course or approved experience ________________________


Plan, carry out, and reflect on an out-of-class project of at least 40 hours (e.g., an internship, independent research, community service, some off-campus programs).


To be completed during the sophomore year, before the declaration of the major

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