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Student Electronic Fillable Forms

Follow the links below to obtain electronic, fillable versions of forms. Not all forms are available in electronic format. You will need Microsoft Word 2007 or higher. In general, you fill out and save a copy of the downloaded form, e-mail your filled version as an attachment to your advisor or other appropriate person, and ask them to fill in their name and date and attach the complete document in an e-mail to the Office of the Registrar. Specific instructions are on each form. Students are responsible for making sure that the complete document is sent.

Educational Plan Form (DOCX)

Permission for Independent Study (DOCX)

Honors Application (DOC)

Overload Request Form (DOCX)

Elective Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Form (DOCX)

Electronic Major or Minor Declaration Form (DOCX)

Experiential Learning Form (DOCX)

Transfer Pre-Approval Form (DOCX)

Permission to use Transfer or Off-Campus Work for Major Requirements (DOCX)

Self-Designed Minor Form (DOCX)

Business Minor Independent Concentration Form (DOCX)