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CHIN 101 , CHIN 102, CHIN 103 Elementary Chinese (1)
Development of language skills: listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Essentials of grammar complemented by readings in literature and culture, with extensive practice in speaking.Staff

CHIN 201 , CHIN 202, CHIN 203 Intermediate Chinese (1)
Intermediate study of modern Chinese. Reinforcement of grammatical understanding of the language while developing conversational fluency. Attention to oral and listening skills is combined with increasing emphasis on study of the Chinese writing system. Prereq : CHIN 103 or equivalent; CHIN 203 is O; Staff

CHIN 320 Orientalism, Occidentalism, and Chinese Culture (1)
A theoretical survey of historical and contemporary relations between the Western world and the East, specifically China. Interdisciplinary in approach, this class investigates cultural interactions and classic Asian Studies theory through comparative analysis of diverse media, including: short stories, film, non-fiction, pop culture, and art forms. Topics such as colonialism, diaspora, appropriation of the Other, and trans-nationalism are also part of our focus. Prereq : junior standing; at least one course in Asian Studies recommended, or permission of the instructor; DV; Cross Listing : ASIA 320; W.Du;

CHIN 400 (1/2 or 1)
See College Honors Program.

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