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Tuition and Fees

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Tuition and Fees, 2016-2017

Tuition for all regular undergraduates $42,532
Room, double occupancy $4,671
Board, full meal plan $4,659
Student activity fee $366
Health services fee $288
Accident fee $99

Total Comprehensive Fee $52,615 with health and accident fees

The Comprehensive Fee covers the majority of the cost of educational services provided by the College. The balance is made up from other sources including Knox's endowment and gifts to the College.

The Comprehensive Fee includes admission to all athletic events, regular productions of the Knox theatre department, concerts, recitals and most other extracurricular events. The fee also includes use of all athletic facilities and subscriptions to The Knox Student, the student newspaper; and Catch, a literary magazine. It does not include books, student supplies or music lessons. Knox reserves the right to change, with due notice, the rates charged.

Payment of Fees

To accommodate the range of financial situations of its families, the College offers two options to pay tuition, room and board, and other fees. Payment arrangements for the year must be made in advance of the Fall Term due date of August 9, 2016. If a family chooses an installment payment plan, arrangements should be made with Tuition Management Systems (TMS). If a student plans to use a Federal PLUS or other supplemental loan to pay charges, arrangements should be made with the Knox College Office of Financial Aid at 309-341-7149. For more information, please call the Business Office at 309-341-7313.

Payment in Full by Term
The student pays Knox College a term’s total charges, less financial aid, approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of each term.

Payment Due Dates:

  • Fall Term — August 9, 2016

  • Winter Term — December 5, 2016

  • Spring Term — March 7, 2017

Please note that delinquent payments (payments received after the due date) may result in a $50 late payment fee. A student whose account is delinquent is not entitled to board, room, admission to classes, issue of a transcript, or diploma. In addition to late payment fees, delinquent accounts may be assessed collection costs and reasonable attorney fees necessary to recover such delinquencies. Delay in the receipt of either a loan or outside scholarship will not result in a late payment fee or collection costs.

In establishing your student account, Knox College, a nonprofit institution of higher learning, extends credit to you solely for the purpose of financing your education. Therefore, any balance due is a student loan and will not be considered a dischargeable debt pursuant to the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Act of 2005 effective October 17, 2005.

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Payment Options
The student may select one of these plans. TMS charges an enrollment fee based on the type of plan chosen.

  • Monthly Payment Plan. The Monthly Payment Plan allows you to maximize your savings and income by spreading your educational expenses over a 4 month payment plan per term or a three month payment plan per term instead of one large payment. Your only cost is an enrollment fee of $40 each term. Life insurance is provided at no extra cost. Effective August 9, 2016, a Monthly Payment Plan account that has become inactive due to either cancellation or withdrawal will be assessed a reinstatement fee of $25 after the account has been approved for reinstatement.

  • Credit Card Plan. Payment by credit card is available by calling Tuition Management Systems (TMS) at 800-722-4867 and asking for an Education Payment Counselor. A convenience fee and an enrollment fee for this service are payable to TMS.

Making Payments Online

Knox's convenient payment gateway allows you to make full or partial payments to your account anytime. From the Knox website ( you can click to the gateway to view payment options like Tuition Management Systems Monthly Payment Plan, or click "Pay in Full" to make a payment using a checking or savings account, or a credit card. Follow the simple steps, enter name, address, and student ID, and your payment will be credited to your account.

Student Account Center
Knox has an enhanced online web portal, called the Student Account Center (SAC) at This center, administered by Tuition Management Systems, allows students (and those they designate) to receive term bills and monthly account statements and make payments. Students can also set up term payment plans for either three months or four months, allowing them to spread payments over nine or 12 months, respectively. Students register for the center via a secure link and can then share access with parents and others who assist in managing accounts.

Fees for New Students, 2016-2017

Application fee: payable upon application for admission and nonrefundable $ 40
Enrollment deposit - nonrefundable $300

Other General Fees for Regular Undergraduates, 2016-2017

Tuition, registration for more than 3 1/2 credits in a term, per half-credit ("Overload Fee") $2,365
Tuition, off-term independent study, per credit $4,730
Tuition, part-time degree-seeking students, per credit $4,730
Distance Student Teaching Fee $750
Music lesson fee, per half-credit $335
Pre-International orientation fee $200
Intensive English Language Program fee $1,500
Ethernet connection in Residence Hall (year) $100
Ethernet connection relocation (per move) $10
Accident Fee (year) $99
Health Services Fee (term) $96
Late registration fee, through fifth day of classes $40
Late registration fee, after fifth day of classes $60
Late course change fee, for enrollment changes after the first week $40
Late petition fee $40
Late payment of bills $50
Returned checks fee, each $35
Transcripts ordered, each $5
Excess printing fee, for each page over 300 per term $0.05

Accident insurance is automatically provided and billed. Please contact the Student Development Office at 309-341-7863 or visit for more information.

Tuition for Students Other than Regular Undergraduates, 2016-2017

Continuing Education for students who are not candidates for a Knox degree, or Knox graduates taking additional work, per credit $1,580
Students enrolled in local high schools taking Knox courses, per credit (maximum 1 credit per term) $790
Auditing, per credit $790

Tuition and Fees for Off-Campus Programs, 2016-2017

Tuition and fees for approved off-campus programs are paid to Knox College. Knox forwards the appropriate fees to the agency managing the specific program. The cost of this and other administrative services related to off-campus study programs is included in the fees specified. Tuition charges are based on Knox’s on-campus tuition for a comparable period. A term is charged at 3 Knox credits and a semester at 4.5 Knox credits or 50% of annual tuition. Tuition and fees for off-campus programs for the 2016-2017 academic year are available through the Business Office or the Stellyes Center for Global Studies.

All inquiries should be directed to the Director of the Stellyes Center for Global Studies. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Explanation of Fees

Enrollment Deposit
An enrollment deposit of $300 is required to confirm a student's acceptance of the College's offer of admission. Payment for Fall Term enrollment must be postmarked no later than May 1 for first-year applicants, and June 1 for transfer students. The enrollment deposit is nonrefundable for admitted students who do not enroll.

After a student enrolls at Knox, the deposit is credited to his or her enrollment deposit account. Any unpaid damages, fines, or other charges to the student's account may be deducted from this deposit. The balance is typically refunded to a student within three months after graduation.

The balance is also refunded when one of the following conditions is met: (1) a student withdraws at the end of the academic year, only if notice is given to the Dean of Students by June 1; (2) a student withdraws during the year because of illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or other such circumstance beyond the student's control; or (3) a student leaves the College due to academic suspension or dismissal. No refund is made to students who are dismissed for disciplinary reasons or who voluntarily withdraw during the academic year.

Students who reenroll after withdrawing from the College are assessed a new $300 enrollment deposit.

Room and Board
The room fee covers the period when the residence halls are officially open, from the day before registration to the last day of examinations in each regular academic term. The fee also covers, for new students, the orientation period in the autumn; and for graduating seniors, the period prior to Commencement in the spring. Students who wish to occupy their rooms at other times must make special arrangements with the Dean of Students. Knox College reserves the right to enter and examine residence halls at any time.

Students living in double rooms in College residence halls and houses are charged $4,670. Students may request a single room and, if assigned one, are charged $5,642 for a single in a residence hall and $5,831 for a single in a house. The room fees for Hamblin Hall are $5,608 for a double and $6,070 for a single. The apartment fee at 240 W. Tompkins and 284 W. Tompkins is $5,372.

For 2016-2017, there are three meal plan options. The board fee for each plan is $4,659. Each plan has a specific number of meals associated with it that may be used in the Hard Knox Café, Oak Room, Outpost Express and Grab-N-Go Cart locations in Seymour Union and Post Hall. Each plan also has a specific amount of Dining Dollars included that may be used like cash at all Dining Service locations to pay for additional meals, as well as to make purchases at the Gizmo and Out Post. Also, additional spending power may be added at any time with the purchase of Flex Dollars. Details of each meal plan are available from Dining Services.

Entry into the student dining halls is monitored by means of an electronically coded, nontransferable identification card, which carries a penalty for misuse. A $15 fee is assessed for replacement of a lost identification card.

Music Fees
The charge for music lessons is $335 per term. All students receive one hour of instruction per week. The fee is waived for declared music majors taking lessons for credit, but the fee will be reinstated if the student drops the music major. Declared music minors must pay for three terms (1.5 credits) of MUSL 100 and the first three terms of MUSL 200 music lessons; the fee is waived for a maximum of three terms (1.5 credits) at the 300-level. Minors desiring additional private lessons are responsible for fees. No refund will be made for withdrawal from private music lessons after the second week of classes. A refund for the first week to two weeks will be prorated accordingly.

Refund Policy

Refund/Cancellation of Knox Charges: On Campus Enrollment Students who officially withdraw between the beginning of a term and the end of 60% of a term are entitled to a pro-rata cancellation of that term's charges for tuition, room and board. There are no refunds for the student activity fee. (For an explanation of the requirements for an official withdrawal, see "Official Withdrawal," in the "Academic Rules and Regulations" section.) After 60% of the term has been completed, no charges are cancelled.

If, as of the official withdrawal date, a student has consumed a larger portion of the board plan than determined by the pro-rata refund/cancellation calculation, that student will be billed for the difference. In addition, if a student remains on campus beyond the official withdrawal date, that student will be charged for room and board costs through the date of departure, as determined by the Office of Student Development and Dining Services, respectively.

Refund/Cancellation of Knox Charges: Off Campus Enrollment Only students who withdraw from a program officially and by the end of 60% of the term are eligible for a refund. Insofar as possible, refunds for off-campus programs will be made on a pro rata basis. Exceptions: No part of a program fee expended on a student's behalf is refunded in the event of the student’s withdrawal from a program before its completion. In some cases, students are obligated for expenses incurred before the program begins. (Note: this policy applies to Knox, ACM and other approved off-campus programs.)

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