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Knox College offers scholarships to recognize the talents and achievements of students applying for admission to the College. Scholarships are available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents and may have specific application, audition, or submission requirements as indicated below. Contact the Office of Admission or go online to for detailed information and a full description of application procedures.

Academic Scholarships
Students who distinguish themselves through their academic achievements deserve special recognition and encouragement. Academic scholarships recognize first-year students who have excelled in challenging college preparatory courses and demonstrate through their applications, essays, personal interviews, and recommendations a strong sense of integrity, eagerness for learning, and high academic promise.

The Presidential Scholarship is the highest recognition given to first-year students. Highly competitive, five students will be selected to receive one of five full-tuition Presidential Scholarships each year in the Spring. Presidential Scholars are among the brightest students in the country.

Lincoln Scholars, students receiving a Lincoln Scholarship award of up to $20,000 during admission, rank among the top students of their secondary school classes and are automatically eligible for Presidential consideration.

Herman Muelder Scholarships and Ellen Browning Scripps Scholarships are awarded to first-year students who have excelled in a rigorous course of study. Muelder and Scripps Scholars receive annual awards up to $15,000 and $10,000, respectively.

Scholarships must be applied toward the cost of tuition and are renewable each year as long as students remain in good standing.

All first-year students who apply for admission to the College prior to February 1 are considered for academic scholarships. Awards are made on the basis of the application for admission. A separate application is not required. Complete instructions for applying for admission can be found at

National Merit Scholarships
Knox College sponsors National Merit Scholarships of $1,000 to $2,000 per year for students who are selected by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as National Merit Finalists. Candidates must complete a Knox Application for Admission by February 1 and indicate Knox as their first-choice college to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation before April 1.

Students who achieve Semi-finalist of Finalist standing in the National Merit Scholarship program are also eligible to receive Knox merit-based scholarships. Semi-Finalists are eligible for Knox scholarships totaling at least $15,000 per year. Students who are named Finalists and list Knox as their first-choice college can receive Knox merit-based scholarships up to $20,000 per year and are eligible for a Knox sponsored National Merit Scholarship of up to $2,000.

National Achievement and National Hispanic Scholarships
Students who achieve Finalist or Semi-finalist standing in the National Achievement Scholarship program, or who are designated as National Hispanic Scholars or National Hispanic Scholar Honorable Mentions, are eligible to receive Knox merit-based scholarships, of at least $15,000 and up to $20,000 per year.

Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships
First-year students with special talents in music, theatre, dance, and visual art may receive renewable scholarships up to $8,000 per year. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of an on-campus audition or portfolio presentation, academic record, and any other evidence of special ability. Complete guidelines for auditions and portfolios can be obtained from the Office of Admission or at

Knox Writers’ Scholarship
First-year students who are talented writers may receive renewable scholarships up to $8,000 annually. Writers should submit a manuscript in one or more of the following categories to be evaluated by our English faculty: poetry, fiction, playwriting, non-fiction, or critical writing. Complete guidelines for portfolio submissions can be obtained from the Office of Admission or at

Service and Leadership Scholarships
Up to $5,000 annually are awarded to incoming students who are makin a difference in their schools, communities, and the world around them. Application guidelines can be obtained from the Office of Admission or at

Rothwell Stephens Scholarship in Mathematics
A scholarship of $5,000 per year is awarded by the Knox mathematics department to a first-year student who indicates an interest in pursuing mathematics. Applicants must complete a mathematics examination by February 1, preferably on campus. Scholars are selected on the basis of the examination and the application for admission. Complete guidelines can be obtained from the Office of Admission or at

Chicago Scholarships
Chicago Scholarships are awarded to students graduating in the top 20% of their classes from high schools in the City of Chicago. Students are eligible for a scholarship up to $15,000 per year, provided that they have not been awarded another Knox academic scholarship. Scholars are selected on the basis of the application for admission.

John Huston Finley Scholarships
John Huston Finley Scholarships of $2,000 per year are awarded to first-year students living in the greater metropolitan New York area. Selection is based on the application for admission.

Colorado Alumni Scholarships
Colorado Alumni Scholarships of $2,000 per year are awarded to highly qualified first-year students from Colorado on the basis of the application for admission and an interview by the Colorado Alumni Club scholarship committee in early March.

Transfer Student Scholarships
Knox awards scholarships up to $15,000 per year to transfer students based on outstanding academic achievements in the completion of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at a two-year college. A minimum college gradepoint average of 3.5 is expected for consideration.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships up to $15,000 per year are awarded to students who have completed an AA or AS and have been elected member of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honorary society for community colleges.

For Information

For more information about scholarships, visit or contact the Office of Admission at:

Office of Admission
Knox College
2 East South Street
Galesburg, Illinois 61401-4999

Telephone: 800-678-KNOX (toll free in U.S.) or 309-341-7100
Fax: 309-341-7070

Sources of Scholarship Funds

The income from endowed scholarship funds and regular annual gifts is awarded each year to Knox students in accordance with the wishes of the donors. Knox gratefully acknowledges the sources of these funds, which are either given by or in honor of the following individuals and organizations.

Anonymous (2)
Nancy Todd Ackerman
Edmund D. Adcock
Lois Baldwin Aigner
Robert P. Albrecht
Allensworth Fund
David A. & Sara Jane Allensworth
W. Rolland & Frances Mason Allensworth
Robert Reed Allison
Alpha Delta Epsilon
Gary L. and Judy Middleton Anderson
B. F. & Ella F. Arnold
Ezra Dean Arnold
Ron Asplund
Associated Colleges of Illinois
Ralph M. & Dorsey Davisson Atterbury
Cyrus M. Avery
Madge G. Bailey & George W. Bailey
Edgar A. Bancroft Memorial
May Barr Prize
Watson P. Bartlett
Gladys G. Bayne
Alfred W. Bays
William R. Beattie
Bertram W. Bennett
Mary Elizabeth Bennett Memorial
William F. Bentley
Beta Triton
Clarence E. Bogren
Elery T. Boynton Memorial
Smith Brand
Cleaveland F. Bridgman Memorial
Edwin W. & Mary Elizabeth Hand Bright
Helen J. Brown Memorial
William C. Brown
The Buck Family
Lily M. & Henry J. Budde
Bob Burden '55
Savina Karl Burkhalter
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
Tressler W. Callihan
Paul W. Calvert Memorial
Stuart McAlpine Campbell
James W. & Gertrude L. Carney
Clark Ezra & Grace Mills Carr
Carrie Belle Carroll
Louise Lay Caverno
Robert A. & Claire Goodsill Chandler
Raymond A. & Lois S. Charles
William J. Charles
Ruth Montgomery Cherrill
Paul V. Church
Class of 1908
Class of 1909
Class of 1910
Class of 1911
Class of 1912
Class of 1956
Class of 1961
Schuyler M. Coe Memorial
Sam & Bernice Scharfenberg Coffman
John H. Converse
Louise Cooley
Susan Clisbee Countryman
Sherman Cox & Louise Montgomery Cox
Marcus C. Craft
Robert J. Crawford
Hubert M. & Georgette Curry
Ken & Ruth Dunbar Davee
Thomas J. Dean-W.B. Dean
Mukund and Meera Deoras
Dick Family Foundation
Sidney Barrs Dilks Memorial
Edward R. & Harriet Stone Drake
James L. Duffy ’51 Robert H. and Bernice E. Eastman
David & Holly Metzler Eiss
J. Burke Elliot
Ellsworth-Wesner Fund
Ennis Endowment
Fred Ewing
Faculty Fund
Sterling Ferguson
Clyde A. Finley
John H. Finley
Lois Carlin Fisher
Alta B. Fox
Oscar & Emma Fredrickson
Galesburg Beer Distributors Assn.
Galesburg Kiwanis Club
Galesburg Sunrise Rotary
Galesburg Scholarship Fund
Galesburg High School
Irving G. & Evelyn Garcelon
Manie E. Garwood
Joseph B. Glossberg
Marshall Curtis Goodsill & Effie Lockwood Goodsill
Max & Rita Goodsill
Roger K. & Mildred Rife Goodwin
Harry T. & Leone Goulding
Hall/Lombard Memorial
Dr. Herschel H. Halladay
Adolph P. Hamblin, Sr. & Adolph P. Hamblin, Jr.
Lehan H. & Dorothy P. Hamlin
Calvin Hammond
Philip Smyth Haring
Franz S. Harshbarger ’17
Suzanne Hart
David Hartmann/Sigma Nu Robert R. & Marion Lindsten Hawkinson
Paul B. Headland Memorial
William Randolph Hearst
Edmond Heren
Mabel Heren
Bernhard Philip Heubner & Inez Goodsill Heubner
Etta W. Hibbard
Hieronymus Family
Lucy M. Higgins
Higgins Missionary
Hinman Fund
William L. Hipsley
William L. Honnold
Walter E. Hoover
Reverend Pete Hosutt
Eloise Howland Memorial
Milton C. Hult Memorial
Edward N. Hurley
John Theron Illick, Jr. & Warren C. Illick
Jennie Ingersoll Memorial
Roy C. Ingersoll
Eugene B. Jr. & Julie Ingmand
Elna Jeffries Besançon Scholarship
Frank J. Jirka, Jr.
Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation
Darwin G. Johnson
Lloyd L. Johnson Memorial
Vinton C. Johnson
Vivion A. & Emily Seymour Johnson
Lexie Kamerman
William & Ida Carson Karnes
William A. Kasley
Ruth P. Kentzler
Harold K. & Helen O. Kester
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Frances W. Kinkead
Harley Knosher
Robert & Durema Kohl
Len A. & Mary C. Kuchen
Philip H. & Dorothy A. Lass
Richard Austin Lawrence
Mrs. Richard Austin Lawrence
Barbara J. Lemke
Norma and Roy Lewis
Freda Mary Liggett Memorial
Flint Lindsay
Ernest & Lydia K. Lollar
Dolle Scott Lombard Memorial
Oliver O. & Josephine Ellison Loomis
Julian & Virginia Stearns Mack
David M. Marino ’82 Garnett Babbitt Martin 50-Year Club
Rick Mathers
C. H. Mathews
Eliza Sheldon Mathews
Charles I. Maurer
Mayall-Ettlinger Memorial
Louise G. and Robert M. Maynard
Joe U. & Lucille Dunn McBride
Frank L. McCabe
George McCall
Henry McCall
Ida McCall
Rosa McCall
Rosa May McCall
Sara Miller McCall
Kellogg D. McClelland Educational Fund
Nelle H. McCool, Delta Delta Delta Alumnae Chapter
Lois McDaniel
McKnight Trust
Archie J. McMaster
William A. McPhail & Sadie R. McPhail
Herman V. Meier
Edward Emmerich Mendius
Cora M. Meyer Memorial
Catherine Paine Middlebush
Frederick A. Middlebush Memorial
Robert K. Midkiff
Fred A. & Olive S. Miller
Mitsubishi Endowment
Mildred Laird Moore
Samuel & Bessie Claudon Mosiman
Charles W. Mueller Memorial
Robert W. Murphy—Borg Warner
George L. Naught
Ira E. & Martha Campbell Neifert Memorial
Arthur O. Nelson
Tom, Dick & Harry Neumiller
Harold F. & Amy C. Nichols
Jeannette Paddock Nichols
Louis & Katherine H. Nielson
Betsy North
LaVerne Noyes
Maureen Tanning Nyman
Florida Omeis
Carole Ottum
Joy Larson Padgitt
Oak Park Panhellenic
Grace Parish
Ella Park
Robert E. & Elma M. Parke Memorial
Harry A. Parkin Memorial
Alvah Peterson
Harold F. Peterson
Paul Pickrel
Catherine Stone Pierson
Wilbur F. Pillsbury
Lambert J. Pomeroy
James T. Poor ’54
Edmund C. Porter
Irvin L. Porter
Philip Sidney Post
Sylvia M. Prutsman Memorial
Frances Lafferty & Frederick B. Rabenstein
Henry Rasmussen, Jr.
Ravenswood Congregational Church
Reader’s Digest Foundation
Helen L. Rearick
Marie O. Rearick
Thomas V. & Susan G. Reilly
Marilyn Veith Roberts
Charles B. & Katherine P. Robison
Katherine Parkins Robison AAUW Scholarship
Will & Grace A. Robson
Frank W. & Clara M. Roskopf
Dale H. & Frances Hazen Rowe
St. Mary’s School
Carl Sandburg-Lombard
Raymond A. & Bertha Collins Sapp Memorial
Ralph M. & Louise A. Sargent
Clara Louise Walker Scott
Mary Scott
Marsha Waters Sebsta ’68
Charles W. Seymour
Lyman Kay Seymour
Bruce Stuart Shadbolt
Madame Effie Skinner
John and June Skok
Eudora Slosson
Maude I. Smith
Jeremiah Galvan Smithwick
Zachary Snider Memorial
Rothwell Stephens
Ralph D. Stevenson
William & Eleanor Dodds Stevenson
Phyllis Stisser Memorial
Herbert R. Straight Memorial
Strasburger Scholarship
Lucille Sudbury
Jennie A. Swanson & Tony N. Swanson
Samuel J. Swanson & Clara Beacham Swanson
Robert Szold
Bertha Davis Taggart Memorial
Henry S. Taylor
Robert Cunningham Taylor, Jr. Memorial
Roger & Anne Zweifel Taylor
John Winter Thompson & Mary Moon Thompson
Caroline McCollum Toothe
Frank H. Tucker
Stefano C. & Whitney Witt Viglietti
G. Louis Vitale
John G. Vivion
Condit Voorhees
Jim Wakefield ’01
Sonja Marakoff Wallace
Arthur C. Walton
Cloud ’16, & Eugenia ’14 Wampler
Anna M. Watson
Watts Family
Ben Hyde Weeks
Clara Latimer Wells Memorial
Niven Clay Welch
Vernon M. & Fanita Ferris Welsh
Charles & Helen Wetherbee
Dennis J. Whimpey
Walter W. & Maude O. Whipple Memorial
Dick Whitcomb
Joan Whitney Whitcomb
Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Whiteside
Willard/Clark Memorial
Robert F. & Eleanor R. Williams
Thomas W. Williams & Creston S. Klingman
Marie C. Williamson
Willard/Clark Memorial
Maude Alice & Ernest J. Wood
John E. Wright
Lee W. & Claire Salzberg Wright
Mark J. Yates Memorial

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