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Trustee Directory

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General and Alumni Trustees

Richard V. Riddell
Chair of the Board of Trustees

B.A., Knox College, 1972; Ph.D. Stanford University, 1978
Vice President and University Secretary
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Laurel J. Andrew
Secretary of the Board of Trustees

B.A., Knox College, 1986; M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1980
Director and Treasurer, Andrew Family Foundation
Orland Park, Illinois

Thomas L. Anderson
Chair of the Committee on Campus Life & Athletics

B.A., Knox College, 1966; M.B.A., Bradley University, 1970
President, HemaSource, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Douglas L. Bayer
Chair of the Committee on Admission & Financial Aid

B.A., Knox College, 1966; M.S., Michigan State University, 1968; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1970
President, Douglas and Maria Bayer Foundation
Bellevue, Washington

Susan A. Blew
Chair of the Committee on Advancement

B.A., Knox College, 1975
(1999-2003*) (2004-2017)
Executive Consulting and Technology
Berkeley, California

Laura M. Rosene
Chair of the Committee on Academic Affairs

B.A., Knox College, 1990; M.B.A., Indiana University, 2009
Vice President, Human Resources, Retired
Upper Arlington, Ohio

David A. Schulz
Chair of the Committee on Trustees

B.A., Knox College, 1974; M.A., Yale University, 1976; J.D., Yale University 1978
(1976-1979*) (1989-2016)
Director, Media Freedom $amp; Information Access Clinic, Clinical Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow, Yale Law School New Haven, Connecticut

Janice V. Sharry
Chair of the Committee on Facilities & Infrastructure
B.A., Knox College, 1973
J.D., Southern Methodist University, 1977
Attorney and Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP
Dallas, Texas

Gerald F. Vovis
Chair of the Committee on Finance

B.A., Knox College, 1965; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1971
(2001-2005*) (2010-2015)
President and Chief Executive Officer,Vovis Enterprises
Cheshire, Connecticut

Teresa L. Amott
B.A., Smith College, 1972; Ph.D., Boston College, 1980
President (2011-) Knox College
Galesburg, Illinois

Joseph C. Bastian
B.A., Knox College, 1967; M.B.A. Washington University, 1969
Owner and CEO, Retired
Panera Bread Franchise
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Nancy B. Carlin
B.A., Knox College, 1972
Naples, Florida

Carol Bovard Craig
B.A., Knox College, 1989; B.S., University of Illiois, 1990; M.S., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2004
Founder and CEO, Craig Technologies
Cape Canaveral, Florida

John S. Cusamino
B.A., Knox College, 2013
(2014-2018*) Project Manager, Epic
Verona, Wisconsin

Deborah S. DeGraff
B.A., Knox College, 1980; M.A., University of Michigan, 1984; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1989
Professor of Economics, Bowdoin College
Brunswick, Maine

David P. Fridovich
B.A., Knox College, 1974; M.A., Tulane University, 1976
Lieutenant General, United States Army, Retired
President, Fridovich Group, LLC
Rio Verde, Arizona

Joseph B. Glossberg
B.Sc., Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, 1963; M.B.A., Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, 1965
Senior Managing Director, Gofen & Glossberg, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Isabelle C. Goossen
B.A., Knox College 1973; M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974; M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1978
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Chicago, Illinois

Donald F. Harmon
B.A., Knox College, 1988; M.B.A. & J.D., University of Chicago, 1994
(2003 & 2004**) (2013-2017*)
President Pro Tempore, Illinois State Senate, 39thDistrict
Attorney and Partner, Burke Burns & Pinelli, Ltd.
Oak Park, Illinois

Elzelien (Ellie) Hartog
B.A., Knox College, 1966; M.S.W., University of Chicago, 1968
Director, Retired, Interagency Collaboratives
Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Gary L. Jacobson
B.A., Knox College, 1977
Principal, Jacobson Consulting, LLC
Indianapolis, Indiana

Mark Kleine
B.A., St. Ambrose University, 1980
President, Kleine Companies, LLC
Galesburg, Illinois

Chair Emerita
Janet M. Koran

B.A., Knox College, 1971; J.D., Northwestern University, 1978
Emeritus Trustee (2014-2015)
General Counsel, Retired, YMCA of the USA
St. Petersburg, Florida

Helen Haiching Lin
B.A., Knox College, 1994; M.B.A., Harvard Business School, 1998
Director, Markit North America
New York, New York

Steven P. Luetger
B.A., Knox College, 1975; M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1980
Senior Managing Director, Mesirow Financial
Chicago, Illinois

Patrick St. A. Lyn
B.A., Knox College, 1984; M.B.A., Rice University, 1986
(2008-2012*) (2013-2017)
Chief Executive Officer, Standish (UK)
BNY Mellon Centre
London, UK

Keith E. Maskus
B.A., Knox College, 1976; M.A. 1979, and Ph.D. 1981, University of Michigan
(2014-2019) Arts & Sciences Professor of Distinction, University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, Colorado

James R. Potter
B.A., Knox College, 1963; J.D., University of Iowa, 1966; M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1979
Attorney and President, Londrigan, Potter and Randle, PC
Springfield, Illinois

Eugene A. Procknow
B.A., Knox College, 1976; M.B.A., University of Michigan, 1978
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Washington, DC

Hariharan Ramanan
B.A., Knox College, 2000
Co-Founder, Valarc Holdings LLC
New York, New York

John V. Sauter
B.A., Knox College, 1963; M.A., Indiana University, 1965; Ph.D., Indiana University, 1968
President, Acton Associates, Inc.
Reston, Virginia

Tino H. Schuler
B.A., Knox College, 1987; M.B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1991
Senior Director, Retired
Jacksonville, Florida

Charles F. Smith
B.A., Knox College, 1984; J.D., University of Chicago, 1987
Attorney and Partner, Skadden Arps LLP
Chicago, Illinois

Ralph Walter
B.A., Knox College, 1969; M.A., University of Indiana, 1972; D. Phil. St. Alcuin House, 2005
Limited Partner, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, LP
Los Angeles, California

R. Kyle Winning
B.A., Knox College, 1983; M.B.A., Rice University, 1985; M.St.L.A. (Oxon), 2014
Managing Member, Southern Sky Partners
Little Rock, Arkansas

Susan Haerr Zucker
B.A., Knox College, 1978; J.D., Washington University, 1981
General Counsel and President, City Real Estate Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Trustees Emeriti

Harold D. Bibb
B.A., Knox College, 1962; M.S., University of Iowa; Ph.D., University of Iowa
Emeritus Trustee (2012-)
Associate Dean of Graduate School, Professor of Zoology, Retired
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, Rhode Island

Robert Castendyck
B.A., Knox College, 1944; J.D., Northwestern University, 1950
Honorary Trustee (1995-2005); Emeritus Trustee (2005-)
State of Illinois Circuit Judge, Retired
Pompano Beach, Florida

Jarvis B. Cecil
B.A., Knox College, 1948; M.B.A., Harvard University, 1949
Emeritus Trustee (1999-)
Executive Vice President, Retired, Consolidation Coal Co.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sandra E. Frum
B.A., Knox College, 1970; M.A.T., Colorado College, 1972
Emerita Trustee (2010-) President, Village of Northbrook
Northbrook, Illinois

Patrick F. Graham
B.A., Knox College, 1962; M.B.A., Stanford University, 1964
Emeritus Trustee (2003-)
Vice President, Retired, The Gillette Company
Alexandria, Virginia

Mary M. Hinz
B.A., Knox College, 1958
Emerita Trustee (2007-)
President, F. Thomas Heller, Inc.
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Robert J. Jamieson
Knox College 1961-62; B.A., Bradley University
Emeritus Trustee (2012-)
New York, New York

Frank J. Kerous
B.A., Knox College, 1961; B.S., University of Illinois, 1963; D.D.S., University of Illinois, 1965
Emeritus Trustee (2009-)
Periodontist, Retired
Antioch, Illinois

James M. Kilts
B.A., Knox College, 1970; M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1974
Emeritus Trustee (2011-) Founding Partner, Centerview Capital, former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Gillette Company
Greenwich, Connecticut

Dan M. Martin
B.A., Knox College, 1961; M.A., Princeton University, 1963; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1968
Emeritus Trustee (2003-)
Managing Director, Retired, Cricial Ecosystem Parnership Fund and Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center
Washington, D.C.

Joe A. Masterson
B.A. Knox College, 1965
(1988-1992*) (1993-2010)
Emeritus Trustee (2010-)
The Masterson Company, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

George J. Matkov, Jr.
Knox College 1960-63; L.L.B., University of Iowa, 1966
Emeritus Trustee (2015-) Of Counsel, Ford & Harrison LLP
Chicago, Illinois

Ann E. Perille
B.A., Knox College, 1976; M.A., University of Colorado, 1981
Emerita Trustee (2015-) Elementary Teacher, Cherry Creek School District
Englewood, Colorado

Chair Emeritus
Dushan Petrovich

B.A., Knox College, 1974; M.A., Roosevelt University, 1979
Emeritus Trustee (2015-)
President, Retired
William Wrigley, Jr. Company
Downers Grove, Illinois

John D. Podesta
B.A., Knox College, 1971; J.D., Georgetown University, 1976
Emeritus Trustee (2013-)
Chairman, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Washington, DC

Thomas V. Reilly
B.A., Knox College, 1968; M.B.A. University of Chicago, 1971
Emeritus Trustee (2015-)
Retired, Putnam Investments - Boston, Massachusetts and London UK
Dover, Massachusetts

Chair Emerita
Diane S. Rosenberg

B.A., Knox College, 1963; M.S., Loyola University of Chicago, 1982
Emerita Trustee (2013-)
Chair of the Board, Retired, Olson Rug Co.
Riverwoods, Illinois

Walter E. Sampson
B.S., University of Illinois, 1942
Emeritus Trustee (1995-)
President and Owner, Retired, Sampson Implement Company
Galesburg, Illinois

Robert J. Sparks
B.A., Knox College, 1956
Emeritus Trustee (1998-)
President, Retired, United Federal Savings Bank
Galesburg, Illinois

Fay Stevenson-Smith
B.A., Knox College, 1964; M.A., Temple University, 1968; M.D., Temple University, 1978
Emerita Trustee (2014-)
Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Retired
Wilton, Connecticut

Caroline Hamblin Tucker
B.A., Knox College, 1953; M.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1955
Emerita Trustee (2001-)
Teacher, Retired, PRIME
Mechanicsville, Virginia

Honorary Trustees

Richard P. Henke
B.A., Knox College, 1956; M.D., Stanford University Medical School, 1960
Emeritus Trustee (2009-2010)
Honorary Trustee (2010-)
Physician, Retired, Pathology Consultant
Rolling Hills, California

Mary Kent Knight
B.A., Knox College, 1960; M.S., University of Wisconsin, 1961; M.L.S., Lake Forest College, 1994; Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary, 2002
Honorary Trustee (2007-)
Data Processing Technician, Retired
Northern Trust Company
Lake Forest, Illinois

Chair Emeritus
Morton W. Weir

B.A., Knox College, 1955; M.A., University of Texas, 1958; Ph.D., University of Texas, 1959
Emeritus Trustee (1999-2011)
Honorary Trustee (2011-)
Chancellor Emeritus and Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois
Champaign, Illinois

*Alumni Trustee

**Past Chair, Alumni Council

Knox College

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