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Social Service - Requirements for the minor

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Requirements for the minor

5 credits from the following areas as indicated. Only two credits may be courses cross-listed in the field of the student's major.

  • Two credits in contemporary gender, racial/ethnic, social inequality and/or social class issues: GWST 101, AFST 101, ANSO 105, AFST/ANSO 205, ANSO/GWST 208, ANSO 218, AFST/PSYC 215, AFST/ENVS/HIST 228, GWST/LAST/PS 227, GWST/PS 229, GWST/PS 333, AFST/PSYC 278, ECON 340
  • One credit in government institutions: EDUC/ANSO 201*, PS 135, PS 307, PS 311, ECON 310, ECON 363
  • One credit in working with the socially disadvantaged: ANSO 243, EDUC 301, PSYC 277, PSYC 367
  • One credit practicum with a local social service agency (may be taken on an S/U basis): ANSO 280-281, PSYC 355 or other appropriate class-based internship

*ANSO majors may count EDUC/ANSO 201 and two additional ANSO credits toward the minor

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