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Pre-Professional & Cooperative Program

Program Advisor

Judith Thorn, Biology

Students interested in the medical profession are well served by a liberal arts education. A liberal arts education at Knox combines preparation in the sciences with broad perspectives from the humanities and social sciences to address technical scientific and human interaction skills, both of which are required for successful careers in medicine.

Students interested in medicine are not restricted to any one major. Working with an advisor in the major, as well as Knox’s pre-health advisor, students complement their major with those courses which provide instruction in the sciences and other fields to adequately prepare them for admission to medical school. Students with this interest are urged to consult early with the pre-med advisor to ensure that their course selections are appropriate.

George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences Early Selection Program

Program Advisor

Lori Schroeder, Associate Dean of the College

The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences Early Selection program guarantees to qualified undergraduates entry to medical school upon completion of four years at Knox. This program gives students the option of pursuing rigorous study in the arts, humanities, or even the sciences, without the competitive stress of the traditional pre-medical program.

Students for the George Washington University program are chosen during the sixth term, at the end of their second year of study. Applicants are required to have spent two years at Knox, to have completed a minimum of 18 credits, including six courses of premedical sciences, with no science grade lower than a B- by the end of their sixth term, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Successful applicants for this program will also demonstrate good character, a sense of responsibility and sound judgment.

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