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Pre-Professional and Cooperative Program

Program Advisor

Lane Sunderland, Political Science

A liberal arts education is a superb foundation for the study and practice of law. At Knox, this education includes study across the humanities, sciences, and social sciences and opportunities for research and internships. This preparation develops reasoning, writing and analytical skills, as well as capacities for human interaction and effective oral and written communication. All of these skills are essential to the successful study and practice of law.

Students interested in law are not restricted to any one major. Working with an advisor in the major, as well as with Knox’s pre-law advisor, students complement their major with courses across the curriculum that prepare them for admission to law school and for the study and practice of law. Study in the areas of constitutional law, accounting, writing and symbolic logic, for example, have proven helpful to students who attend law school. Students with an interest in law are urged to consult early with the pre-law advisor to guide them in their course selection.

Knox-Columbia and Knox-University of  Chicago Cooperative Programs

Knox has cooperative programs with the law schools of Columbia University and the University of Chicago that allow carefully selected juniors to cut one year off the traditional number of years required to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Juris Doctor degree. What ordinarily would take seven years (college and law school) can be completed in six through the cooperative program.

Students interested in the 3-3 program in law should fulfill College requirements and required courses within their major before entering law school. They should also take the Law School Admission Test during their junior year.

The 3-3 program toward the B.A./J.D. is limited to students with outstanding academic credentials. Besides demonstrating a high degree of intellectual competence and a capacity to handle legal concepts and materials, nominees must also possess qualities of leadership and maturity that show promise for outstanding professional service. The program at Columbia, operated in conjunction with a select number of undergraduate colleges, offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary legal education, after the completion of which the Juris Doctor degree is awarded.

Students interested in these cooperative programs should consult early with Professor Sunderland to ensure appropriate course selection and planning.

Knox College Law Scholars Program
Knox has established a collaborative program with Indiana University's Mauer School of Law. Knox applicants to the law school would receive up to $75,000 in scholarship aid if they meet the requirements established for the award. Knox College Law Scholars would also have a mentoring relationship with an upper-class student and with a graduate of Mauer School of Law.

Interested students should contact Professor Sunderland.

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