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Latin American Studies - Requirements for the Minor

Requirements for the minor

5 credits as follows:

  • Two social science credits in Latin American Studies from two different departments
  • One literature credit in Latin American Studies
  • Two additional courses in Latin American Studies.
  • Demonstrated competence in Spanish (by completing a 200-level Spanish course)
  • A project or paper in which the student analyzes some question in Latin American Studies. The project can be completed through:
    • an Honors project;
    • an independent study (1 or 1/2 credit); or
    • approved course work(i.e., a paper or other project completed within a non-Latin American Studies course that addresses a Latin American topic).

The student is encouraged to consider basing the project or paper on research conducted during field work in Latin America (methods utilized in field work could include interviews, participant-observation, volunteer work, media analysis, photography, literary or artistic work). Field work can take place in the context of a formal program or informal travel. Alternatively, the project or paper can be based on library work. The choice of the project must be made in consultation with the program advisor for the Latin American Studies minor.

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