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Faculty and professional interests

Mat Matsuda
   Japanese language, culture and society, comparative and international education
Chisato Kojima
   Japanese language, linguistics

Knox offers courses in Japanese conversation and composition through the intermediate level. Advanced courses, which may be taught in English or Japanese, focus on areas such as pre-modern and modern Japanese literature and contemporary Japanese society and culture. Additional courses in Japanese history, international relations, religion, and philosophy are offered by the History and Philosophy departments.

Departmental Learning Goals

Students completing a minor in Japanese will:

  1. Demonstrate a college-level competence in the Japanese language as an avenue for further exploration of the experiences of members of Japanese society.
  2. Be able to identify important ways in which cultural understanding in Japanese society is conveyed through language in literary, historical, philosophical, or religious contexts.

For a full description of the programs in Asian Studies, see the listings for Asian Studies and Chinese.

Requirements for the Minor

Japanese Course Descriptions

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