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International Studies

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Program Committee

Emre Sencer, History, chair
Jonathan Anderson, Visiting Preceptorial Instructor
Daniel Beers, Political Science
Nancy Eberhardt, Anthropology/Sociology
Claudia Fernández, Modern Languages
Timothy Foster, Modern Languages
Todd Heidt, Modern Languages
Karen Kampwirth, Political Science
Manisha Pradhananga, Economics
Robin Ragan, Modern Languages
Michael Schneider, History

International Studies (IS) is an interdisciplinary major that provides strong educational preparation for those interested in understanding or participating in the international or global system. Students in this program acquire sophisticated perspectives on the structure and processes of the contemporary global system and develop skills of analysis and communication to support their professional engagement internationally.

The major integrates theories of modern social science and history with the practical mastery of foreign language(s) and cultures. Students are required to complete a set of core courses that introduce broad global themes; develop language skills to a functional level including conversational ability; apply the languages in classroom and non-classroom contexts; complete a geographic area specialization; and study or work abroad.

The departmental curriculum contributes to the College's Key Competency Requirements as follows:

  • Writing Key Competency - PS 314 and 315, 300-level courses in Asian Studies, Economics, Education, Gender & Women's Studies, and History serve as writing-intensive courses for majors
  • Speaking Key Competency - PS 315, CHIN 203, FREN 210, GERM 210, JAPN 203, and SPAN 230A-E serve as speaking-intensive courses for majors
  • Information Literacy and Informed Use of Technology - Students majoring in IS are expected to demonstrate mastery of the techniques of contemporary information technology; including the intelligent use of the internet, presentation software, statistical procedures, and maps and languages. The required core courses in this major all address these technologies.

Departmental Learning Goals

Students completing a major in International Studies will be able to:

  1. Describe key features of “globalization” and identify their impact in specific contemporary international and local contexts
  2. Cultivate college-level competence in a foreign language and be able to employ their skills to navigate in cultural settings outside of the United States
  3. Design and implement a research project using interdisciplinary social analysis to analyze contemporary global systems and processes

Requirements for the Major

International Studies Course Descriptions

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