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International Relations

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Major and Minor

Faculty and professional interests

Duane Oldfield, chair
   Globalization, social movements, religion and politics
Daniel Beers
   Comparative politics, Russia and Eastern Europe, international political development
Andrew Civettini
   American politics, political behavior, political psychology
Sue Hulett
   International relations, American foreign policy, religion and politics
Karen Kampwirth
   Comparative politics, Latin America, gender and politics
Lane Sunderland
   Constitutional law, political philosophy, American political thought

International Relations is a major offered through the Department of Political Science and International Relations. The department faculty members are committed to providing a program that fosters an understanding of international political, diplomatic, socio-cultural, and military behavior. Topics include the study of war, peace and revolutions; international governmental and non-governmental organizations; human rights and ideologies; and democratization and globalization.

Students interested in international relations should include in their programs introductory courses in economics, history, and political science, and should complete the intermediate courses in one modern language. Students are encouraged to participate in a study program abroad. While courses taken abroad may substitute for certain program requirements, care should be taken to fulfill most requirements before studying abroad.

The department faculty represent diverse methodologies and philosophical views. The goal is to present intelligent perspectives on international relations that result in students reaching their own conclusions regarding questions of diplomacy, power politics, international law and ethics, transnationalism, military strategy, feminism, behavioralism, and ideal models of international political and economic development.

The department mission includes global civic education in the sense of discovering what government and global communities "ought to be;" analysis of problems in the many sub-fields represented in the department [see course listings under Political Science]; improvement of reasoning, writing, and statistical skills; and inclusion of race, gender, class, environmental, and third world issues in most of the courses offered in the department.

The departmental curriculum contributes to the College's Key Competency Requirements as follows:

  • Writing Key Competency - PS 227, 231, 245, 314, 315, 317, 320, 326, 333, 342, 362, and 363 serve as writing-intensive courses for majors
  • Speaking Key Competency - PS 128, 306, 312, 315, 317, 362, and 363 serve as speaking-intensive courses for majors
  • Information Literacy and Informed Use of Technology - Specialized information literacy and technology skills are introduced in PS 230 (The Study of Politics) and further developed in both 200 and 300-level courses. Majors in International Relations gain exposure to these competencies in all upper-level seminars, especially in PS 317 (Advanced International Relations).

Departmental Learning Goals

Students completing a major in International Relations will be able to:

  1. Articulate coherent arguments on difficult global and domestic political issues
  2. Carry out substantial research
  3. Analyze politics and international relations using a broad range of theoretical and methodological approaches

Requirements for the Major and Minor

Political Science Course Descriptions

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