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History - Requirements for the Major and Minor

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Requirements for the major

10 credits in the department as follows:

  • Two 100-level courses
  • HIST 245 or 285, taken preferably in the sophomore or junior year
  • Three 300-level courses, each of which must include a significant research project
  • Four departmental electives
  • One of the ten credits must be in the history of a region outside Europe or the United States

Students, in consultation with their advisors, must work out a plan for coursework in the major that incorporates the specific requirements listed above, while also taking into account considerations such as: depth of experience in one field; range of experience in methodology, geographical/cultural focus, and thematic focus (for example, international, women/gender, religion, African-American).

With permission of the chair, up to two credits in related studies outside the department may be counted toward the major.

With permission of the chair, up to two credits granted for College Entrance Examination Board's Advanced Placement (AP) examinations may be counted toward the major. Neither AP nor transfer credit may count toward HIST 245, HIST 285, or any 300-level requirements. Only one AP or transfer credit may count toward the major; the remaining 100-level credit must come from a Knox history course (an additional credit may count as an elective). No AP or transfer credit may count toward the 100-level requirement for the minor.

Applicants for Honors will be expected to have completed at least one 300-level course at the time of application.

Requirements for the minor

5 credits in History, including the following

  • At least one 100-level course
  • HIST 245 or 285
  • At least one 300-level course with a significant research project

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