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Film Studies - Requirements for the Minor

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Requirements for the minor

5 credits as follows:

  • FILM/ENG 124: Introduction to Film
  • One course in film or media theory (Group A)
  • One course in film or media and culture (Group B)
  • Two electives in theory or culture (Groups A or B)

Group A

  • ANSO/JOUR 323: Media and Society
  • ANSO/JOUR 324: Media and Globalization
  • FILM/ART/PREC 323: Visual Culture Theory
  • FILM/ART/PREC 323: Visual Culture Theory
  • FILM/GWST/ENG 261: Women and Film
  • FILM/ENG 395S: Hitchcock in America
  • JOUR/PS 305: Political Communication
  • FILM/PHIL 246: Philosophy of Film
  • FILM/PSYC 270: Psychology and Film

Group B

  • AMST/SPAN 307: Identity and Alterity in Latino Literature and Culture
  • ASIA/FILM 225: Introduction to Chinese Film
  • AFST/AMST/FILM/HIST 227: The Black Image in American Film
  • FILM/FREN 240: Introduction to French Cinema
  • GERM 336: Contemporary German Culture
  • FILM/GERM 337: German Society and Film
  • FILM/LAST/SPAN 309: Contemporary Latin American Cinema
  • SPAN 310: Contemporary Spanish Youth: Challenges and Achievements

Note: At least two courses must be at the 300-level. Special-topics courses or off-campus courses in production may sometimes be substituted as electives. No more than two courses may be at the 100-level.

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