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Faculty and professional interests

Jennifer Smith, chair
   Dance theory and improvisation, somatic practice, choreography
Kathleen Ridlon
  Contemporary dance technique, community outreach, arts education

Knox offers a minor in dance that can be fulfilled by any student, whether they want to continue studying dance at the professional level or simply explore personal expression through movement while pursuing other academic and career related goals. The dance minor's focus on aesthetic expression and academic rigor complements any major within the liberal arts curriculum. Students who minor in dance graduate well prepared for advanced study in performance, choreography, design, dance education, dance therapy, and many other dance related career options.

Students pursuing the dance minor may participate in the Dance Ensemble or Choreography Workshop courses. Dance Ensemble is designed to create an experience similar to working in a professional dance company, while Choreography Workshop is a course that focuses on the artistic, administrative and technical work of producing dance professionally. In addition to the academic program, there are severak student dance organizations, which promote and support the dance community at Knox.

Mission Statement:

The Knox College Dance Program promotes the study of contemporary dance as an artistic and intellectual endeavor. The Dance Minor consists of course work in dance technique, dance theory, dance history and creative practice, ensuring that students engage with dance as a performing art which impacts and reflects historical, social, political, and artistic contexts. The mission of the Dance Program is to encourage the development of an artistic practice, which utilizes dance technique, choreography, and performance to promote the critical exchange of interdisciplinary ideas in a collaborative artistic environment.

Departmental Learning Goals

Students completing a Dance minor will:

  1. Demonstrate technical proficiency based on somatic-based dance principles
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the artistic and technical elements of physical expression that lead to performance artistry
  3. Develop a reflective and critical awareness of the historical, social, political, cultural, and artistic contexts in dance
  4. Cultivate the ability to structure original ideas and produce original contemporary choreography and dance research

Requirements for the Minor

Dance Course Descriptions

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